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Big Brother 9: Chelsia Evicted! Natalie Wins HOH!

March 26, 2008 06:55 PM by Ryan Haidet

bb9_chelsia-resized.jpgHer relationship was split last week when Matt was evicted. This week Natalie wanted James and Chelsia’s relationship split just as hers was. Since Sharon was confident she had the majority of votes on her side in the house, she told Adam, the current Head Of Household, that she would be willing to go on the chopping block to make sure Chelsia went home (after James pulled himself off the block). So Adam did just that.

With eviction looming, the house was given the chance to celebrate Easter. They dyed eggs together and Natalie’s personality started wearing on Chelsia. It got to the point where Chelsia started smashing all of the eggs. This was the start of her decline – the negativity was shining too brightly and everybody in the house seemed turned off by it. Then she went to put a puzzle together and as she was doing it she yelled for Natalie to come help her, calling her white trash. Her ex-partner and boyfriend in the house, James, even said he couldn’t vote for her to stay in the house. He compared her to the Titanic saying that she was sinking and taking him down with her.

Away from all of the drama, Adam’s family weighed in on his personality. His mother said that behind his tough persona that he’s a nice guy with a big heart. His brother said that he can play it up well that he doesn’t know much or understand things, but he’s actually very intelligent. This is evident by his memory of the Bible readings he’s been doing in the house.

The time for the houseguests to vote live had arrived, but first both Sharon and Chelsia were given the opportunity to plead their cases. Sharon said that she has had a blast with everybody and would like to stay in the house. Chelsia said she had learned a lot in the house and will learn a lot from the experience. One by one, the five houseguests eligible to vote (Natalie, James, Joshuah, Ryan and Sheila) entered the Diary Room and casted to evict Chelsia. It was unanimous. Even her boyfriend in the house cast his vote against her.

bb9-natalie-cast-photo-resized1.jpgAs Chelsia was leaving the house, she stirred things up as she made some last-minute comments. She told Adam to grow a backbone because she thinks he has been playing the game like a baby. Then she told Natalie she was in dire need of an education. Interestingly, she went over and whispered some motivational advice to Joshuah and James. When she got outside, host Julie Chen got her few moments to interview the newly eliminated player. Chelsia said she wasn’t disappointed that James had voted for her to be booted because she knew he had to play with his brain and not his heart. Her biggest mistake? Voting to Bring James back when he was out of the game. She said she could have played the game better on her own.

In the HOH competition, America got to play a role. Earlier this week they had been answering a series of questions online pertaining to the houseguests as if they were running for office. Each player was blindfolded and they were asked questions regarding America’s answers. The person with the most correct answers after seven questions would win HOH. It was a close battle, but Natalie won the power for the week. She couldn’t have been more excited.

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