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High School Reunion; Lana Cracks and Matt Attacks

March 26, 2008 09:08 PM by DA Southern

Yvette and Matt of High School ReunionTV Land’s High School Reunion was at it again as another ex-classmate was introduced into the beach house; Heather, the hottest girl from the JJ Pierce Class of ’87 from Richardson, TX, or so she was dubbed.

We begin our journey at the Reunion Estate around 11:00 AM on Day 6 as Lana is shocked when the detention between former husband, Mike and Steve, the former lover, was about to begin. OK, I will be passing out scorecards to everybody so you can follow along. The rest of the house were as anxious as Lana to see what would happen between the men as we quickly switched to the Detention setting.

Steve was still trying to apologize to Mike, but Mike seemed not to want any part of it. Who really is the bigger man here? Mike was still shocked that Steve carried on the affair behind his back and said he would not forgive him as he turned and walked away. Steve went back to the house and had lunch with the gang like everything was good and it seemed as if the tension had subsided a bit, but probably not.

Sean and Kirstin arrived back from their ill-fated date and Kirstin tried to be as positive as she could be, but you could tell by the looks on both of their faces that things were not good between them. Sean just couldn’t get past the fact that Kirstin had broken his heart in the past.

Another “Hall Pass” was issued, this time to Matt, which meant Yvette, too. Matt seemed to be excited to be with Yvette but she was a little unsure about the “overnight” aspect of the date as we saw them packing for the trip. Mike was seen complaining that the ratio of “hot” girls was a little off balance as a black SUV drove up to deposit the next victim, Heather the Heartbreaker. We learned that she was the class “Wild Thing” and you could certainly see that the guys were happy to see her. If you must insert your own joke here, feel free. Lana was not happy to see her, even to the point of not even making an attempt to say hello. We are assuming there is bad blood between them and are sure to find out soon.

We catch up with Matt and Yvette as they started their “Hall Pass” on the beach with a day of surfing and fun and Matt bit her butt…OK, I said it. He took an opportunity when he found her butt in his face while surfing. Matt said that he was starting to have feelings for Yvette and I am sure the butt-bite incident had nothing to do with it.

Back at the house, Heather was already bringing a sense of fun back into the house that the tension between Steve and Mike had sucked out. It was funny to see Mike flirting with Heather at a luau the classmates attended and Lana looking upset about it. It was just like being back in High School. To top it off, Heather and Mike went for a walk on the beach and hugged while Lana and Kat watched and whispered about it.

Lana asked Steve how his meeting with Mike went and Steve seemed fairly optimistic. Did he see the same show I was watching because I didn’t see it. The other guys seemed to think pretty much the same thing as you could see that the tension was not gone, just hidden for the time being. Lana wanted to have a talk with Mike alone, which he declined, as Steve wandered into the hornet’s nest for some male bonding with some of the other guys.

Poor Steve could not catch a break as Sean tore into him for being morally bankrupt and said that he wondered how he hadn’t had “His ass whupped!” by Mike. Steve was a little put off that Sean had involved himself in such a personal matter as the rest of the fellas sauntered in to join the fun.

The other guys chimed in with some general feelings about the situation while Lana was in the other room with DeAnna chattering away as well. It finally came to a head when Mike came in and told the guys that the situation between him and Steve was what it was but that he had “Dealt with it.” Lana, never one to not be involved in every tragic situation at the house, actually had the nerve to ask Steve to leave. When confronted by Lana, Mike said that he wouldn’t ask Steve to leave but wouldn’t mind if they both left.

Back at the date with Matt and Yvette, Matt was really relaxed with her as we learned that Yvette had a boyfriend at home. Let that sink in! Poor Matt, who lost his wife recently and was finally opening up to a woman, was about to have that shell permanently reattached to him forever. After being with Matt all night, the next morning had Yvette feeling very conflicted about her boyfriend situation and what to do about it and Matt.

Day 7 opened up to us early back at the house as Steve was still fuming about the attacks from everybody the previous evening. Lana was still trying to reach out to Mike as he continued to shun her. Kat was telling DeAnna that she and Justin looked good together and Justin was telling the guys that he was confused as to the direction to take with DeAnna.

Our latest new arrival, Heather, was seen reading the bulletin board and saw that more new arrivals were headed to the house. Of course, Lana, was so thrilled, as always, at the prospect of someone new entering her realm of joy. The SUV emptied out three jersey-wearing girls from the class of ’86 who ran into the house to announce some sort of “Powder-puff” football game between the classmates.

We were quickly taken to the game as we saw the guys come running on the field dressed as cheerleaders. Face it, some traditions should have been left in the past. The game went off pretty rough for a “Powder puff” game, (I guess that is the point), as Kat was telling of her various “crushes” she had on the pretty girls and the ’87 girls reigned victorious in the game.

Back at the house, Kat and Mike arm wrestled for Heather’s affections, which Mike easily won. Lana was stirring up even more trouble as she complained to Sean about some lack of affections she had for Mike and was seen going to tell him. As she went searching for Mike to tell him the fantastic news, she naturally flipped when she saw him kissing Heather in the hot tub. I told you I was passing out scorecards, now use them, darn it.

Next week, Lana is mad at Heather, Mike and Steve. Yvette may break Matt’s heart. Steve may go home. Justin may not continue to build the relationship with his dream girl, DeAnna. Lana is crying about something. Mike is happy about Heather. Bring your scorecards because I won’t be passing out anymore.

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Photo Courtesy of TV Land.

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