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Make Me a Supermodel: Reunited!

March 27, 2008 08:48 PM by Lisa Stauber

Make Me A SupermodelThis week is a Make Me A Supermodel Reunion. Host Andy Cohen read e-mails and asked questions of the eliminated models, and the final four.

The ten previously eliminated models have been in lock-down, and only recently have they been able to see the show. Most were surprised at how they were portrayed, and Dominic is still complaining about the shoes he had to wear on the runway. Carry a grudge much, Dom?

The final four – Ben, Ronnie, Perry, and Holly – arrive. The girls all get hugs, but Holly purposely ignores all the guys. Of course, talk immediately turns to Ben and Ronnie’s Bromance. The other models all seem to think the guys’ relationship has contributed to their success. “It’s helped propel them,” Dominic says. “The public loves them,” Jacki adds.

Andy wonders what the inmates at Ben’s jail think of the whole situation. “Do they have Bravo at the jail?” he asks. “Yeah, they do,” Ben replies, but he doesn’t care what the jailbirds think about his friendship with Ronnie. He gives us the Deep Thought of the night. “It’s good to be open-minded and bad to be ignorant.”

Ben can’t resist a jab at Holly. When asked if he would kiss Ronnie, he replies, “Well, if I can make out with Holly, I can make out with anybody.” Ronnie claims he’s over Ben and they are just friends, but seems quite pleased to find out Bravo is selling “Bronnie” t-shirts on their website.

The next question is for Casey, about his fear of snakes. While he tries to answer, judge Niki Taylor sneaks up behind him with Lemon, the giant boa in question. Casey is brave, though, and wears the snake for the camera.

Andy has a question for the judges. “Tyson, who do you think has improved the most?” Tyson doesn’t hesitate to choose Ben, even though he admits that Perry is his favorite. Niki thinks Ronnie has evolved the most as a model.

The infamous Serenades show up in a series of clips. Perry, Ben, Ronnie, and Casey are embarrassingly bad singers, but they don’t seem to mind. “We have a hit album. It’s 45 tracks in under ten minutes,” Casey deadpans for the cameras. Niki’s still laughing about her birthday song.

The show rehashes the boy/girl divide in a series of clips. The girls think the guys are fake, mean, and hypocrites. The guys don’t know what they are talking about. Dom and Perry are voted as the biggest jerks, no surprise there.

The funniest part of the evening comes when the models start mocking each other’s catwalks. Even Niki and Tyson get in on the fun, making fun of Casey and Jacki. Finally, everyone’s getting along!

Talk turns to romance. Perry and Stephanie deny having a relationship, and Perry faces the inevitable clips and questions about his wayward girlfriend, Amanda Pagel. He’s pretty angry that she just hung up on him and wouldn’t talk about things. It turns out Perry’s not the only one with a fried relationship. Jay and Katie both broke up with their significant others after they returned from the show.

Jennifer Starr and Corey Bautista make an appearance, and so does Clay Burwell, the trainer. He thinks Ben is the most physically improved, and after that Elemental photoshoot, it’s hard to argue. The other, eliminated models are split on who they think should win the competition, Holly or Perry, but hardly any of them want to see Ben or Ronnie win. Tune in next Thursday to find out who will be made into a supermodel!

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Photo courtesy Bravo TV.

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