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Piers Morgan Wins Celebrity Apprentice!

March 27, 2008 09:11 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Piers-Wins-RealityTVMagazineWe began with 14 celebrities and are down to the final two, as we begin the live two-hour season finale of Celebrity Apprentice. The Donald, sitting at the Board Room table, flanked by Ivanka and Donnie Jr., ponders the task of declaring a winner.

“I think you have a very tough job ahead of you,” Ivanka says to her father.

“I like them both,” Donnie Jr. remarks. “They’ve both played the game very well.”

But The Donald wants more opinions, so he waves his hand and the Board Room wall raises, exposing a live, cheeringstudio audience.

“If there’s anything I like it’s a good fight, and these guys are fighters!” The Donald declares.

Throughout the first hour of the show, we get to see taped footage of the final task, which wasa Backstreet Boys concert and charity auction.

Piers is on the phone, calling everyone he knows, including Andrew Loyd Weber and America’s Got Talent judge Sharon Osbourne. Observing the money-making machine that is Piers, Stephen concedes that Piers has talent when it comes to fundraising. Piers, who’s acting in an oddly sentimental manner tonight, shakes Stephen’s hand and apologizes for the arguments that haveplagued them in the past. Later, Stephen struggles when trying to dig up celebs to make it to the event, only managing to get rid offive out of 50 tickets, with only three hours until the event is to begin. Piers gets panicky, but decides to turn his sights on the catering of the show, instructing the caterers to booze up their guests and withhold food — a lightheaded, drunk millionaire is a generous millionaire, after all.

Meanwhile, Trace is still giving it his all to keep the cranky Backstreet Boys happy. He’s fulfilled their rigorous demands for candy bars and peanut butter and bottled water, but has yet to find the wheat grass juice they’re demanding. Not to mention they’re now calling for black fingernail polish. “So the most heterosexual cowboy on the planet and the three-time Heavyweight Champion of the world go to buy fingernail polish. Not for a woman. Not for our wives. For a man,”Trace drawls.Just as the mounting pressure has Trace at wit’s end, he gets a very special visit from his wife and two daughters. “They shut the whole world down for a minute,” he says, wiping away tears. “Everything else was meaningless.” But soon it’s back to the demands of “The BSB,” who are now in need of a knee brace. “Don’t get me started on The BSB…” Trace says. But he’s distracted once again as his celebrities arrive — Ronnie Milsap, Eddie Montgomery, and one of the Lonestar guys are there with plenty of cash in hand.

It’s time for the event, and the guys meet out front for a good-luck handshake. “If I’m going to lose to anyone it may as well be to a guy like you,” Piers says.

The Donald enters with Ivanka and Donnie Jr. and the bidding begins. Quickly it’s clear that Piers is bringing in huge bucks, as Cantor Fitzgerald throws some dough around and even American Idol’sSimon Cowell drops in a guest call! The Backstreet Boys take the stage and all is a success.

The Donald then gathers the teams in the Board Room to discuss the task. There are some snarky remarks between Piers and Trace as Trace feels that Piers is belittling his donors. Later, Piers spouts off about Stephen’s “High Moral Ground,” leading Ivanka to question Piers’ ability to hold back rude comments and act with tact. Piers contends that this show is not about finding the most likable guy, but about finding the best businessman for charity fundraising.

The Donald brings out all of the fired celebs and lets them voice their opinions about the final two. While Omarosa bombs with a rude comment about not liking Piers “because he doesn’t floss,” Gene Simmons (live, via satellite) gets big applause when he contends that Trace Adkins has a “quality that is sorely missing in America.” The Donald takes a show of hands and Trace is overwhelmingly the celebs’ pick for the win. Trace further makes everyone fall in love with him by giving a live performance of hissong, “You’re Gonna Miss This.”

The Donald gives each of them a chance to make their final plea before making his decision. “Trace,” he says, “I’ll always love you. But for tonight, Piers, you’re the Celebrity Apprentice.”

As the camera pulls out through much celebrating and confetti, The Donald shouts thathe’ll be back next season and will “be around for a long time.” Yeah!

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