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Who Will Win Celebrity Apprentice?

March 27, 2008 07:48 AM by Jennifer_Brown

Trump-Explains-Task-Courtesy-NBCThis season has been perhaps the most entertaining and in some ways most shocking season of The Apprentice yet, as celebs have taken on one another to raise money for their favorite charities, Trump-style.

We’re down to the final two, and as we head into tonight’s finale episode, we can’t help but wonder…who will be the Celebrity Apprentice? It’s not been an easy season to predict. Between the Piersarosa Wars, Stephen Baldwin’s Team Hydra ship-jumping, Nely Galan’s takin’ on The Trump in the boardroom, and Gene Simmons’ taking the bullet for Nely…there’s just been no obvious front-runner for the win. Even The Donald has had to appeal to others in the board room (Ivanka, Donnie Jr.,Erin Burnett, Jim Cramer…)to help him decide who to fire on numerous occasions.

But tonight The Donald will declare someone the winner. Will it be…?

Piers Morgan — Author, tabloid editor, and reality television personality (America’s Got Talent), Piers has been the contestant to beat this season. But his frank personality has tended to grate on the other contestants. Piers’ “diarrhea of the mouth” as contestant Lennox Lewis has been known to call it, has had a way of working up teammates and competitors alike into fuming verbal smackdowns. Even The Donald has found himself taken aback a time or two by Piers’…er…honesty. If anything will take Piers down, it will be his mouth and his inability to close it at crucial moments. If, on the other hand, he can contain his verbosity during this last challenge, there’ll be no way he can be beat. Piers is playing for The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.

Trace Adkins — Country singer with a heart of gold and “the voice of God” (…which contestant said that about him…I can’t remember…), Trace has definitely been the dark horse of the competition. If I’m being honest, I’ll tell you I wholly expected Trace to be eliminated right up front. He’s just too laid-back. Too under-the-wire to compete against the likes of Piers and Omarosa and heck, even Stephen Baldwin. Butit would appear thatTrace was only choosinghis moments to shine carefully. When he does open his mouth, creative genius comes out. Hisideas are winners (and darn if he hasn’t just been a really good sport all season long, with the taking off of the shirt and thenot beating the crap out of Piers when Piers kissed him…). I’d like to see Trace win, but sadly I don’t think his numbers will be able to match up with Piers’ in the last challenge.Trace is playing for the Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Network.

If The Donald sticks to the bottom line, Piers will behis guy. If he goes with creativity and an overall clean game, Trace will takethe top prize. Either way, we can’t wait for the next season to get started!

Catch the two-hour season finale of Celebrity Apprentice on Tuesday, March 27th at 9:00 PM (ET) on NBC.

Photo Courtesy: NBC

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