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Chikezie Grew On American Idol

March 28, 2008 04:01 AM by Joe Reality

Chikezie American Idol

After Chikezie’s first performance as an American Idol 7 semifinalist, there are not many who would have predicted that he would have had a shot at making the top twelve. Chikezie sang “I Love You More Today Than Yesterday,” and Simon Cowell said, “I absolutely hated the whole performance.” Chikezie also fired back at Cowell in such a way that he came across as rude.

However, by the second week of the semifinalists round, a brand new Chikezie had emerged. Chikezie sang “I Believe,” and even Simon Cowell declared, “It was a million times better than last week.”

Chikezie didn’t stop there. During his first finalist round performance, Chikezie delivered with “She’s A Woman.” The performance was one of the most thoroughly entertaining performances of the competition to date. Simon Cowell even exclaimed, “I thought you were terrific.” Ryan Seacrest got so excited that he jumped around the stage and grabbed Chikezie’s head.

In addition to his performances improving, Chikezie also became more likable to viewers. When talking about his emotions when making the top twelve, Chikezie displayed humbleness and humility while praising Danny Noriega, who was eliminated. Chikezie’s enthusiasm during and after his performances, also helped get the crowd behind him.

Even though Chikezie didn’t win Simon Cowell’s praises for his second finalist performance of “I’ve Just Seen A Face,” the performance showed that Chikezie had emerged as a true entertainer. Chikezie had gone from the longshot at making the top twelve to the performerwho everyone wanted to see what he was going to do next.

During his third and unfortunately last finalist performance, Chikezie sang “If Only For One Night.” The performance earned mix reviews from the judges. Simon Cowell complimented Chikezie on singing it well, but called his performance, “Cheesey.”

While Chikezie might be out of the running for the American Idol 7 crown, there is no onewho grew more as a singer during American Idol 7. American Idol tour producers should be happy that Chikezie has made the top ten and qualified for the tour, because Chikezie is one of the most entertaining performers out of all of the finalists.

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Photo Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

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