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Big Brother 9: Joshuah & James Nominated For Eviction!

March 30, 2008 06:58 PM by Ryan Haidet

bb9-joshuah-resized-cast-picture.jpgAs usual, the Sunday night episode opened with several minutes of commentary on last week’s events to help remind viewers of what had happened. In a few words, Chelsia was evicted and Natalie won Head Of Household – there’s the first ten minutes. The threesome of Joshuah, Sharon and James were concerned with the power going to Natalie, each knowing that one of them would be going home this week.

On the other end, the four remaining players (Natalie, Ryan, Sheila and Adam) felt their prayers had been answered. They decided to call their four-way alliance “Team Christ.”

In an effort to try and save himself from being evicted again, James asked Natalie to keep him in the house. Later on, James went up to her HOH bedroom and told her that if he gets evicted this week that she will be the next target. Although she didn’t seem convinced and was worried about trusting him, she shook hands with James on a deal to go to the final two together.

But before all that took place, Adam and Natalie decided to play hide and seek. It was like playing with a four year old when you act like you can’t see them. That’s what Adam did for Natalie after he found her almost immediately because her knee was sticking out from where she was hiding. He pretended that he couldn’t find her and had Ryan and Joshuah go looking for her. It was a great laugh.

After the relapse to childhood, it was time for a food competition. One at a time each houseguest went outside to take their turn in the game. It was a confusing battle of strategy. After it was all said and done, everybody but Adam and Natalie got stuck on slop for the week.

big-brother-9-james-courtesy-cbs4.jpgThat night, James couldn’t get any sleep so he went outside and played pool by himself. He was missing Chelsia a lot and realized that he was playing the game without any true friends. Another person missing a player? Natalie was caught by other houseguests staring at Matt’s picture on the Memory Wall. Sharon laughed at her and Joshuah called her a psycho.

As nominations were just around the corner, Ryan proposed to Natalie that they should backdoor James this week. Natalie wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. Would she stick true to her agreement with James and go with him to the final two?

When the nomination ceremony arrived, keys were pulled one at a time from the safety box. It was revealed that Natalie had nominated James and Joshuah for eviction stating that they are both major threats in the game.

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