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Dancing with the Stars: The Tango, The Jive, and the Pot Head…

March 31, 2008 08:57 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Steve-Guttenberg-Courtesy-KelseyMcNeal-ABCThe dancers have had just five days to learn their new dance, as we head into Tango and Jive week. Last week’s double-elimination of Monica and Penn brought it home to most of thecelebs that this is a competition and there seems to be more worry among them, and with it an increased desire to stick around for awhile longer.

First to take the dance floorare Marlee & Fabian with a Jive. In rehearsals, Marlee and Fabian have discovered that they have similar personalities and are both “goofy.” “This is the hardest dance I’ve ever done!” Marlee says. Len tells Marlee: “You never cease to amaze me!” Bruno calls her an “incredible performer.” And Carrie Ann says while she loves their chemistry, shedoesn’t loveMarlee’s hands, which she describesas”pancakey.”The team scores a 21. “Next time we’re just going to kick butt!” Marlee says after getting her scores.

Next are Steve“The Gutte” & Anna. Anna is sick with a nasty virus this week, so The Gutte must rely on Anna’s husband Jonathanto teach him The Tango. “I’m a fighter, I’m The Gutte, and I can get this,” Steve promises. After the dance, before facing the judges, Steve quickly dons a pair of goggles and an aluminum pot on his head to help weather the blow of the judges’ criticisms. But their critiques aren’t too harsh. “That was your best dance so far!” Carrie Ann gushes. Len says Steve captured the flavor of the dance, and Bruno says it was “manly.” The couple scoresa 21, and The Gutte cries, “I love dancing!”

Cristian & Cheryl are up next with a Jive. There appears to be some tension between the dance partners in rehearsal, so Cheryl takes Cristian to Sea World to get some dance pointers from a sea lion. After the dance, Bruno says everyone had a good time. Len complains that Cristian’s legs are a little loose and his free arm hangs wrong, but calls it the “best dance” Cristian & Cheryl have done so far. Carrie Ann says their energy was great, and the judges give the team a score of 25. “Love you, Bruno! Love you, Bruno!” Cristian exclaims backstage.

Dancing the tango next are Mario & Karina. They’ve had a rough week of it — Mario’s had gigs lined up for the week and has had to drag Karina along with him. They don’t get a lot of rehearsal time and Mario complains that he’s running on empty. “I just hope it’s enough to get us to the next round,” he says. They dance to the strangest arrangement of Roxanne I’ve ever heard. Len says the dance had flair but he was “bitterly disappointed” in the technique. Carrie Ann, too, feels the disappointment, although Bruno says, “I didn’t think it was that bad.” Mario & Karina score a 21. “We’re gonna do what we have to do,” they promise backstage.

On to another Jive, and dancers Shannon & Derek. Shannon, who still worries about her long legs looking bad, gets in some kickboxing to help her keep them strong. “I’m the champion of the ring and hopefully the champion of the Jive,” she says. Bruno says he “loves a girl that goes all the way,” but wants her to work on her precision. Len calls it “a really good jive.” Carrie Ann says she’s always “surprised” by their performances. After receiving their score of 24 backstage, Shannon says, “I’m terrified!”

Next up are Adam & Julianne, dancing the Tango. “Five days is not enough to learn the Tango,” Adam complains. Julianne worries that his desire to do well will cost him his sense of humor. Carrie Ann says, “Adam Carolla was quite sexy out there!” Bruno says if he squints just right he can almost see Antonio Banderas and Catherine Zeta-Jones up there. But Len isn’t feeling it and calls the choreography “makeup.” The team scores a 21. “Oh, it feels great to get some sevens for a change!” Adam says.

Next up, with a Jive, are Marissa & Tony. “I think it might actually be my dance,” says Marissa, who likes the idea of a dance that usesalot of energy. But the judges disagree. Len calls the dance “careful.” Bruno says it felt like watching a rehearsal, like “the Jive on cruise control.” Carrie Ann calls the dance boring, striking a nerve with Tony, who comes to Marissa’s defense, saying sometimes someone works so hard they make it look easy, and that’s what Marissa is doing. The couple gets a 19, and after weathering a few boos, Marissa promises, “I’m gonna work harder, I’m gonna try more…”

Next to take the dance floor are Priscilla & Louis, dancing a Tango. For this dance, Priscilla will have to tap into her inner actress, but she’s committed to succeeding. “I want it to look like I’ve done it all my life,” she says. Bruno calls the dance a “Hot Cougar Tango.” Len says it’s “great!” Carrie Ann claims, “I believed every minute of it!” Priscilla & Louis score a 26. “I’m shocked. I’m totally shocked,” Priscilla says.

Jason & Edyta’s Jive is next. While in rehearsal Jason feels a bit like “a deer in the headlights,” he has a football plan of attack, which is: “Keep your mouth shut and your ears open.” Carrie Ann says she didn’t feel any confidence in the dance. Bruno calls Jason “a natural,” but Len says the kicks were sloppy. “One week you’re a rooster, the next you’re a feather duster,” Len advises. Jason & Edyta score a 23.

The final dance of the night is a sexy Tango with Kristi & Mark. “Now it’s back to square one with a new dance,” Kristi says, fretting that she’ll have difficulty expressing the anger that is necessary with a Tango. Mark takes her to Cindera Che, a performance coach, who helps Kristiwith her expression. Len “liked it very much,” butCarrie Ann calls the anger “one-dimensional.” Bruno calls the dance “sharp, clean, clear,” butsuggests toKristi, “I want you to be a dirty girl.” The judges give Kristi & Mark a score of 27.

Tuesday on Dancing with theStars:

It’s elimination night!

There will be a live performanceby Kylie Minogue — the first in five years!

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Photo Courtesy: Kelsey McNeal

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