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The Bachelor Goes to Hollywood, Plays Rugby and Has Some Whine

March 31, 2008 08:52 PM by Christine McDow

At the beginning of tonight’s show Chris Harrison tells the ladies that before the next rose ceremony that there will be three dates. Two one-on-ones and then a group date with the final 10 women. For the one-on-one dates the women must have their bags packed because if they do not get a rose, then they will be going straight home. There will also be one rose given out during the group date. The women are very excited about having a chance to spend time with Matt alone and can’t wait to see who will have the group dates.

holly-and-matt-at-red-carpet-premier.jpgThe first date box comes and it is for Holly. She finds out that she is going to accompany Matt to a private screening of the movie Made of Honor, complete with a red carpet entrance. While she feels confident in the chemistry she shares with Matt, Holly makes it clear that she doesn’t feel confident that she will get a rose.

Matt is excited about the screening and about Hollywood in general. When they get out of the cab he gives her a kiss which he describes as special. When asked on the red carpet what he is looking for in a woman he says someone who is smart and will make him laugh in 30 years. Holly quickly states that the girl he is describing is her. They put their hand prints in cement and sign their names before heading into the theater to watch the movie. During the movie Holly cries and is happy when Matt comforts her.

After the movie Matt takes Holly to the three story penthouse at the top of a hotel that overlooks the theater. She is in awe of the view and they start to get romantic. During this part of the date he states that he wants to get to know her better. He asks Holly if she sees in him what she is looking for in a man. She says yes and they discuss how they are comfortable with each other. Matt worries her though when he says that he is worried they are TOO comfortable and that there is no electricity between the two. Still, in the end he gives her a rose and they proceed to kiss in the jacuzzi.

During the date the ladies back at the house hear a knock on the door and find the piece of cement that has Holly and Matt’s hand prints in it, as well as the phrase, “Matt loves Holly”. The ladies are sure that it is Holly who wrote it. They also had another knock on the door that announced the ladies that would attend the group date. They found out they would be going to play Britain’s version of football, Rugby. Some of the ladies are excited about it, others aren’t.

Kristine, Amanda, Chelsea, Erin, Noelle, Robin, Marshana, Kelly, Ashlee, and Amy were the lucky women who got the group date. Shayne immediately asked what it meant for her and had the ladies point out that it meant she had the last one-on-one date. She hopped around excitedly. I, however, do not believe that she is that dumb. She is definitely an actress and at this point it is my opinion that she is doing a lot of acting in this game.

ladies-playing-rugby.jpgFor the Rugby game, some ladies shown while others hid in the shadows. Robin jumped at the chance to help Matt demonstrate how to play the game while Chelsea got really into the game trying to prove she was the best. Ashlee was on the outside looking in, and stated that she didn’t want to play at all. Shortly after they started playing Marshana got hit in the mouth which led to a busted lip. While the other ladies came around and eventually felt sorry for her, they also thought that she was using it as an opportunity to get important one-on-one time with Matt that she couldn’t get.

After the game Matt wanted to go back to his house in order to get to know the ladies better. He took them down to a room that had two massage tables set up and they were all excited. They all changed into swimming suits and played in his pool for a while until he asked Kelly to accompany him for the first massage. (We never saw any other massages so who knows if they even happened.) During the massage Kelly told Matt that she wanted to give him a massage and he let her. He later said that he loves being around Kelly, but really wonders if she is right for him.

That evening the ladies got cleaned up and visited more with Matt. At one point Robin got him alone outside and told him that she was willing to do whatever it took to get to know him, but that she didn’t want to be the one who did stupid things. He told her that he really liked her and they ended up making out in the jacuzzi. During the course of the night he tried to spend a little bit of time with all the ladies, but in the end he gave the rose to Robin.

shayne-face-shot.jpgWhile the ladies were on their date Shayne got her date box. She discovers a box of wine and is excited about having a “wine date”. Holly lets her in on the fact that she has a tanning machine and sprays her to give her color for her date. The next morning Matt shows up and off they go. They get to what Matt calls one of the most relaxing places where he wants to have a wine tasting and get to know Shayne.

He grills her on her parents and she tries not to tell him but it is finally revealed that her father is Lorenzo Lamasfrom the show Renegade and tells him that she came from a broken home and moved out when she was 17. He tells her that he is ready to settle down and get married and she says that she would like to meet the person she could settle down with but that she doesn’t want to get married right now. He is worried about her age and the fact that she is an actress and wonders how sincere she is.

They leave and go have dinner together during which time she comments that as they get to know each other better they will open up more. He quickly interrupts with, “IF they get to know each other better” at which point she asks why he would say that and then she remembers the rose.

After dinner they sit by a fire, cuddle and kiss while they talk and get to know each other better. Eventually Matt does surprise Shayne with a rose, stating that she has him under a spell.

girls-and-matt-before-rose-ceremony.jpgThe next day at the main house the ladies are vying for Matt’s attention. Everyone wants some alone time with Matt, including Robin who already has a rose but still proceeds to steal him from Amy. Amy goes back in to whine to Shayne and Kelly. The three ladies go out to break up Robin and Matt, pointing out that Robin already has a rose. Matt agrees and spends some time talking to Amy and Kelly. The girls in the house tell Robin that she needs to back off, to which Robin states that she is going to fight for what she wants. She is determined and realizes that nobody in the house likes her.

Finally Chris comes out and announces that it is time for the rose ceremony. When Matt comes back out he has six roses with them. The roses went to Amanda, Ashlee, Kelly, Chelsea, Noelle, and Marshana. Amy, Erin and Kristine were sent packing.

Erin says that yes she is disappointed but that she was there to look for love. Amy says that Matt blew it but that she did make a couple of new friendships while in the house. Kristine thinks that it is the fact that she had a hard time opening up in the house and to Matt that did her in. She admits that she generally waits to see if the guy is into her before she shows her feelings for him. At the very end Matt and the remaining women drink champagne and toast to the ladies and the future.

Next week on “The Bachelor”:

Robin continues to drive the ladies nuts with her endless chatter about what the rest of them see as pointless topics of conversation. Robin cries because nobody likes her but then Matt admits that he is very into her. Marshana and Holly go on a date with Matt where only one of them will get a rose, and the other will be sent home. Make sure you tune in next week to see what happens!

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