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American Idol: David Cook Addresses Song Arrangement Controversy

April 01, 2008 08:37 PM by Joe Reality

David Cook Ryan Seacrest

The American Idol judges have praised David Cook over recent weeks for his risk taking song arrangements. However, controversy has brewed on American Idol message boards and blogs as some viewers felt that David Cook didn’t do enough to credit the artists who had originally created the arrangements.

Before David Cook performed “Billie Jean,” Ryan Seacrest credited the version being performed to Chris Cornell. However, some viewers didn’t hear Seacrest’s credit, and they took offense at David Cook not pointing it out when the American Idol judges heaped praise on him for his originality. Before David Cook performed “Day Tripper,” he specifically mentioned that he had found a version that Whitesnake had done.

However, the biggest controversy swirled around David Cook’s performance of “Eleanor Rigby.” There was no mention on the American Idol show of where the arrangement originated. The band Doxology put out a press release pointing out that it was their arrangement that David Cook used and asking that they be credited on American Idol.

On the American Idol top 9 performance show, David Cook subtly addressed the controversy over the arrangements of some his recent songs. In a sit down with Ryan Seacrest, David Cook was asked how he had chosen his arrangements. Cook responded, “I’ve actually been really fortunate. Throughout this whole process, I’ve tried to find arrangements that fit me, and in most cases, I’ve been able to find them online.”

David Cook pointed out that the “Eleanor Rigby” arrangement was a combination of a Doxology version and a Neal ZaZa version, that the “Day Tripper” arrangement was by Whitesnake, and that the “Billie Jean” arrangement was by Chris Cornell. For David Cook’s Dolly Parton week performance, he revealed that he was going to do his own arrangement of “Little Sparrow.” The “Little Sparrow” performance as well as Cook’s new haircut won praise from the judges.

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