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Dancing with the Stars: The Gutte Gets the Boot!

April 01, 2008 08:24 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Steve-Guttenberg-Courtesy-KelseyMcNeal-ABCThe couples come into tonight’s elimination episode ranked by the judges in the following order:

10th place: Marissa & Tony. “I was totally expecting eights,” Marissa says. “We worked so hard. I’m totally shocked.”

Tied for 6th place:Mario & Karina. “My body wasn’t listening to my mind,” Mario complains.

Tied for 6th place: Marlee (who doesn’t get Carrie Ann’s “pancakey” hands comment) & Fabian.

Tied for 6th place: Adam & Julianne. “If[Carrie Ann] and Iwere both single, she wouldn’t date me,” he says.

Tied for 6th place: Steve & Anna. “Anything’s possible if you just believe,” an optimistic Steve says (Do I hear Disneymusic in the background…?).

5th place: Jason & Edyta.

4thplace: Shannon & Derek. “I totally threw up in my mouth a little,” a nerve-wracked Shannon jokes.

3rd place: Cristian & Cheryl. Cristian says, “I had a lot of fun. It was our best dance yet!”

2nd place: Priscilla & Louis.

1st place: Kristi & Mark. “How can you feel confident? Anything can happen, you never know,” Kristi says, but promises Bruno, “If naughty is what you want, I’m gonna bring it on.”

The judges’scores for last night’s danceswill be combined with viewer voting results to reveal who will stay and who will go home this week.

But before we get to the business of eliminating stars, we get our Dancing “extras.” First, Steve dances the “Man-go” with Jonathan Roberts, whohad stepped in this week to helpThe Gutte while his partner Anna was out sick. Then singer Kylie Minogue takes the stage, to perform her hit songs,”All I See,” and “Can’t Get You Out of My Head.” After Kylie, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater performs, this week’s Macy’s Stars of Dance.

This week’s viewer poll was taken in the audience (everyone let out a collective gasp,where’s Super-Cameron?!). Seems the audience loved just about everyone last night. Some audience members feel Marissa got a raw deal from the judges last night, but fear that The Gutte’s performance puts him in jeopardy.

Matchmaker Pepper Schwartz pays Dancing with the Stars a visit to assess how compatible the dancers are with their partners. Pepper analyzes how dominant and passive personalities work together, as well as how introversion and extraversion mix. Marissa & Tony are both dominant people, and Pepper fears they’ll struggle. Likewise will Cristian struggle with Cheryl as he tries to dominate her. Mario and Shannon each might struggle with their partners by virtue of being too similar to them. On the contrary, Pepper thinks, Adam & Julianne are extraordinarily mismatched and might fall apart because of their differences. Pepper’sprediction of this season’s “perfect match?” Kristi & Mark. “They’re going to be the couple to beat,” she warns.

But it’s on to the couple who won’t be beating anyone — time to send someone home. Again this week, Dancing won’t reveal who are the bottom two performers, but instead prefers to keep the dancers in the dark.

Running out of time, Tom quickly announces that Steve & Anna are out.The Guttespends so much time hugging and shaking hands and thanking everyone, he loses his chance to wax poetic with Tom and Samantha. “I’m just gonna miss seeing everyone all week,” he begins. “And if I can just say one thing,”

“No, you can’t,” Tom interjects, shoving him out on the dance floor to dance his goodbye dance.

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Photo Courtesy: Kelsey McNeal/ABC

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