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Exclusive Interview with Here Come the Newlyweds’ Steve & Dana Krashin!

April 01, 2008 08:17 AM by Jennifer_Brown

The-Krashins-Courtesy-ABCExactly what is it that has set ABC’s Here Come the Newlyweds apart from the other reality TV shows out there? It could be the “light” format of the show. Perhaps it’s the way the contestants are directly responsible for earning the money that will be in the final pot. Maybe it’s the steady flow of humor coming from host Pat Bullard and even some of the contestants themselves. But more than anything it’s been the lack of cattiness among the contestants.

This is what made the elimination of Steve & Dana Krashin even more surprising to viewers, as The Krashins seemed to have been the first couple voted off out of retribution and at the hands of an “alliance.”

Recently Reality TV Magazine spoke with The Krashins about their elimination from Here Come the Newlyweds, which took them out of the running for the grand prize, which currently stands at well over $400,000.

“We’ve spent every waking moment since we were done taping going back over and rethinking every different angle and situation,” says Steve. “Even with my wife’s extensive watching of reality TV, she didn’t quite know how to figure out the angle of this one.”

“We’re not good at being sneaky,” Dana agrees. “We’re too honest.” The honesty she’s referencing was her eleventh-hour confession three episodes ago to The Holmeses and The Freises that she was not going to vote for The Woodwards as they had all originally agreed to do, but would be voting for The Freises instead. This crucial decision ended up costing The Krashins the trust of some of their fellow housemates and ultimately cost them the alliance they had been steadily forming with The Holmeses and The Moutras.

“I think The Freises are very lovely people,” Dana says. “This was a good group of people from the start. The seven couples were all fantastic couples. [We didn't change our vote] because we didn’t like The Freises. They’re super competitive people. But we were friends with The Moutras and The Holmeses and wanted to hang with them as long as possible. From the very beginning we wanted The Moutras to get the money. We also felt from them that they wanted us to get the money.”

The Krashins must feel some consolation then, as last week’s elimination of The Freises has left The Holmeses and The Moutras the final two, battling it out for the grand prize.

Here Come the Newlyweds airs Sundays at 10:00 PM (ET) on ABC.

Photo Courtesy: ABC

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