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American Idol Results: Ramiele Malubay Voted Off

April 02, 2008 07:14 PM by Joe Reality

Ramiele Malubay Voted OffTo kick off the fourth American Idol results show, the top nine American Idol finalists did a group performance of Dolly Parton’s ’9 to 5.’ After a recap of the American Idol top nine performance show, host Ryan Seacrest pointed out the three silver stools for the bottom three.

First, Ryan Seacrest called Michael Johns to center stage and told him that he was safe. Next, Seacrest called David Archuleta to center stage and told him that he was in the top eight. Finally, Seacrest called Carly Smithson to center stage and sent her to the safe seats as well.

During a call-in segment, a viewer asked Randy Jackson if there was anybody who he hadn’t worked with before. Randy Jackson answered, ‘I’ll tell you what. I would love to do a song with whoever wins American Idol this year. What a concept.’ Another viewer asked Simon Cowell why he felt it was necessary to apologize after giving a negative critique. Simon Cowell answered, ‘Mary, I like you. You’re right. I’m crazy doing it. I will never, ever apologize again, Mary.’

The Clark Brothers, who won The Next Great American Band, performed ‘This Little Light of Mine.’ In the Ford music video, the American Idol finalists performed ‘It’s Tricky.’ After the video, Ryan Seacrest called David Cook to center stage and told him that he was safe. Next, Seacrest called Ramiele Malubay to center stage and told her that she was in the bottom three. Finally, Seacrest called Kristy Lee Cook to center stage and told her that she was also in the bottom three.

In a taped segment, American Idol traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to catch up with Bucky Covington, Phil Stacey, and Bo Bice. After the segment, Ryan Seacrest called Syesha Mercado to center stage and told her that she was safe. Next, Seacrest called both Jason Castro and Brooke White to center stage. Seacrest revealed that Brooke White was in the bottom three and Jason Castro was safe.

After a segment on Idol Gives Back, Dolly Parton sang ‘Jesus & Gravity.’ Ryan Seacrest asked Randy Jackson and Simon Cowell if they had a prediction on which of the bottom three would be going home. Randy Jackson predicted Ramiele, and Simon Cowell predicted that it wouldn’t be Brooke. After dimming the lights, Ryan Seacrest sent Brooke White to safety. Seacrest announced, ‘After the nationwide vote, Kristy, you are safe for another week. Ramiele leaves us tonight on American Idol.’

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