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High School Reunion: Mike and Lana Call a Truce While Hostilities Wind Down

April 02, 2008 09:36 PM by DA Southern

Justin and DeAnna of TV Lands High School Reunion

Remember what I said previously on High School Reunion; Lana is mad at Heather, Mike and Steve. Yvette may break Matt’s heart. Steve may go home. Justin may not continue to build the relationship with his dream girl, DeAnna. Lana is crying about something. Mike is happy about Heather and, more importantly, to bring your scorecards because I wouldn’t be passing out anymore. Well, class is back in session.

We pick up the action on Day 8 with our beleaguered Steve by himself on a lounge chair. The other guys were still not adapting to Steveïs presence as they were seen accessing the situation when Mike came into the room and agreed to ask Steve if he would consider leaving the house. Mike went into Steve’s room to have the most civil talk to date with him and they discussed the possibility of him leaving early, which I don’t think he was going to do.

Lana was still steaming that she saw Mike kissing Heather and stated that she ‘felt gypped’, but we are not sure why. I guess that she did not have the possibility to screw Mike over some more, but that is only a guess. Mike announced that he was taking the guys golfing, and when I mean guys, I mean everyone except Steve. Don’t know if that was a great idea because Steve could sway the girls his way and then at Tribal Council could wait, wrong show. Wow, this show is worse than High School.

Steve was really starting to crack under the pressure and he might leave after all. Steve was on the balcony alone when DeAnna approached him to chat him up a bit. The cliques will not take kindly to DeAnna’s overture, that is for sure, and to make matters worse, Steve announced that it was his birthday, which elicited a hug from DeAnna and trouble on the horizon.

Kirstin got a ‘Hall Pass’, which means that we will have to suffer through another date between her and Sean and her begging for a chance to redeem herself. This time, it will involve horses and horsing around as a reluctant Sean agreed on the date. The scene quickly shifted to the stables and our intrepid duo’s attempts to ride into the sunset together. Oh, brother, kissing on horseback was happening as we saw the two making progress on the dusty trail of love. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

Back at the ranch, Mike was thrilled to get what looked to be a ‘Hall Pass’, finally. He quickly scoped out Heather for the date and you could see Lana fuming in the background at her being gypped again, I guess. Heather was happy to be alone with Mike, but not half as happy as Mike as we saw him skip to go and get ready. The guys helped him to prep for the big date and seemed happy for him, since he had only had detentions so far. As Mike greeted Heather and lovingly grabbed her, Lana was looking soo gypped.

Back on the trail, Sean and Kirstin were talking about the relationship and if it could endure the test of time and Kirstin said “She wanted to be at home cooking dinner” and then the tears started to stream, which Sean took to mean that she was committed to him. OK, insert ‘gullible guy’ joke here of your own choosing.

Back at the house, an evening birthday celebration was given to Steve from DeAnna and I swear you could hear crickets chirping in the awkward silence that followed.

The scene shifted to the date with Heather and Mike and Heather was wondering why the two of them had never kept in contact. We even learned that Mike had actually attended a dance with her in High School, which makes it even odder that he ended up with Lana. Mike said that he was finally happy to be at the reunion as he inappropriately grabbed Heather’s body and she liked it.

We had a quick scene between Steve and Lana. Of course, she always looks to be on the verge of busting into tears as Steve is seen telling her that “They can just be friends” or “It’s not her it’s him” or something along those lines. Lana says that she needs Mike in her life and it is hard to choose between them. Actually, there really is no choice as Lana is divorced from Mike and Steve has chosen his friendship between him and Mike over her. I just don’t know if poor Lana is watching the same show as we are.

Day 9 opened with the group having fun and chatting until Steve walked up. Then, dead silence as they all uncomfortably shifted in their seats and looked at Steve. I mean, the guy just cannot cut a break with this group. Steve announced that the situation was between him and Mike and that he didnït appreciate everyone involving themselves in the middle of it and he was leaving the house. The group just watched as the poor guy sadly walked away as we realized that, in the end, Steve was right, but sometimes you just canït take High School out of the person or the clique.

Lana finally apologized to the group about the mistakes with Mike and Steve and Mike said it was the first time she had ever apologized. Jason, the bully, who has actually been the softest guy at the reunion, told Lana that she needed to deal with Mike because of their kids, which she agreed. To make matters worse, Lana received a ‘Hall Pass’ and you knew she would ask Mike to go. The only question that had to be answered was whether he would accept it or not. Mike told Heather to keep the ‘Hall Pass’ frame that Lana had given him as he walked away leaving us to wonder if he would accept it or not.

Late on Day 9 the gang was all in the hot tub area when we learned that Jason was skittish on marriage and that DeAnna was all for it, having been down the altar several times and that Matt and Yvette were going out again on another ‘Hall Pass’ date. Yvette was going to discuss the ‘boyfriend’ issue and Mike and Lana were going on the date after all. Yvette and Matt seemed to be slightly more circumspect on this dinner date as Yvette told Matt about the boyfriend. Matt was crushed as he saw any hopes of a future dashed on the Hawaiian lava rocks and Yvette saying that she wanted to make a right decision with a man the next time around as far as marriage went.

Back at the house, Kat was talking to DeAnna about Jason and how good they looked together. Jason was being extremely coy with DeAnna as they snuggled on the couch together and Jason told her that they would just have fun together, which might be guy talk for “after this show is over, I will see you at the next reunion and probably not before.”

Mike and Lana were at dinner and Lana ‘officially’ apologized for all of the sins she had perpetrated during their time together and told Mike that she still loved him. Mike looked so uncomfortable and agreed that if nothing else, their relationship would be better.

Day 10 arrived early at 8:21 AM and Lana could not help herself by announcing that she was leaving the house early because she missed her kids and had accomplished her goals for the reunion with Mike. Kat said that she was sad to see Lana leave but that she knew it was a right decision for her. Lana certainly left an impression on the group and her relationship with Mike seemed to be on the road to recovery as we saw her ride away in the early morning Hawaiian sun.

With all of the drama gone, you would think that the final episode will be a gentle farewell between the classmates of JJ Pierce High School class of ’87, but you can bet the fireworks are not over yet. We will watch the finale to see who ends up with who and if we will be satisfied with the ending. This is, by the way, reality TV, so we will not expect it to end as we think.

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