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Make Me a Supermodel: America Loves Holly!

April 03, 2008 08:47 PM by Lisa Stauber

Make Me A SupermodelAmerica has voted. Who will be the next Supermodel? It’s time to find out, almost. First the models must be put through their paces. Niki reminds the models what is at stake. The grand prize is a contract with New York Model Management, $100,000, and a pictorial in GQ Magazine.

Now it’s time for the models to see what a day is like for a supermodel. They are given a map, a schedule, and some money and sent out on some go-sees. “I’m more worried about actually trying to find the place than the casting,” Perry says, as he asks for directions.

Ben is sent to Esprit. Shawan Johnson tells him what she expects from the brand’s face. “A little bit of sex appeal, but still wholesome.” Jennifer Starr is on hand to help out, and after a whispered bit of coaching (“Smile!”) Ben does well. “I would hire Ben,” Shawan says. Ben’s second stop is a little strange. Not only is he modeling pink-trimmed underwear, but the designers for Ginch Gonch want him to take a banana and act like a monkey. “Are you kidding me?” Ben asks, privately. He gamely does his best Curious George, but it’s half hearted.

Perry’s first stop didn’t have much feedback to give him, and he leaves not knowing if he was good or bad. Perry’s second stop finds him a bit too chatty. “Whether I would want to listen to him again for twenty minutes, is a different question,” the photographer says.

Holly hits Esprit as well, and Shawan Johnson loves her. “Holly is beautiful,” she says. “Actually had the best first impression.” Holly’s next stop is a reading for a hair coloring product. The casting director thinks she’s pretty, but notes, “She needs voice lessons desperately.”

Ronnie’s day is a mixed bag as well. Initially he shows up for Beeson, and designer Rebecca Beeson doesn’t like him. “My first impression is not favorable.” Ronnie finds a fan in the Ginch Gonch designers, though, and has fun playing with the banana. They ask him if he’s comfortable being touched by other men – I think they’ve found their new spokesperson!

It’s a whirlwind of fun cramming everything into the last couple of days. Jennifer Starr has arranged for another real supermodel to come visit. Jessica Stam has a cozy chat with the four contestants. Holly’s entranced, as Jessica is her idol. Turns out, Jessica grew up on a farm in Canada. Wonder if they have squirrel gravy up there? Maybe Holly can trade her famous recipe. Perry pipes up to ask how Jessica handles relationships, and if they are affected by fame. I think his girlfriend situation is weighing on his mind.

Niki scoops the models up and sends them to GQ’s headquarters, where she tells them to make a good impression. Perry is surprisingly difficult to fit, and Adam Rapoport, the GQ style director, decides suits are not the look for him. Ben is given an athletic outfit, but comes off looking stiff. Holly goes through three dresses before they find the right one. “The guys want sexy. I don’t know if she has it in her,” Adam says. Ronnie is immediately home in a Ralph Lauren outfit, but Adam votes on Perry as his favorite.

That night, there are some surprise visitors. April, Ben’s wife shows up – and meets Ronnie. There’s no hard feelings, though. Ronnie’s mom Charlene appears, and Ray arrives with a gift for his fiancÃe, Holly. Perry opens the door to find wayward girlfriend Amanda Pagel. She professes her love and seals it with a kiss, but refuses to answer any questions about her relationship with Britney’s ex-boyfriend. The couples bond, Ronnie flirts with Perry’s girlfriend (relax, Perry, she’s safe with him!), and the lovers say a tearful goodbye. They are all prepared to move to New York to help their modeling loved ones pursue their dreams, though.

Time for a last catwalk. The models strut their stuff stress free, and Holly does a fabulous editorial pose. Time to find out who America loves the most!

Perry is the first to go. He’s a little stunned that he was eliminated before Holly. Tyson doesn’t mince words, either, for the next elimination. “Ben, Ronnie, the Bromance is over. One of you is leaving the catwalk.” Tyson pauses for effect, then tells Ben his time on the runway is up.

Now it’s down to Holly and Ronnie. Niki compliments them both, and announces Holly wins. Holly is happy, and crying. Corey welcomes her to New York Modeling Agency, and gets ready to make the next Supermodel!

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Photo courtesy Bravo.

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