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Survivor: Micronesia — Ami Voted Out!

April 03, 2008 07:06 PM by Ryan Haidet

ami.jpgAfter a much-too-long hiatus from the hit reality giant, Survivor made a return in an episode filled with strategy. After voting out Tracy in the last Tribal Council, Erik was concerned that he was the last fan remaining on the Malakal tribe. He feared he would be the next to go. Ozzy was still worried about being thrust into the spotlight and called the leader. Before making the trek to Tribal Council, Ami worked with Tracy and a few others to try and oust Ozzy, but she lied to his face on the beach on the morning of Day 21 saying that she was the person responsible for stopping his ouster.

Over at Airai, rats were running all over camp, so Jason was hungry and went over and killed one with a stick. He was ready to eat it up – not sure if they did or not because viewers simply weren’t shown. Parvati assumed that this rat kill was his attempt to impress the rest of the favorites on Airai. She said she wasn’t impressed whatsoever and called him a loser. Then in a strategic move, Parvati went to Natalie and asked her if she’d be willing to join in an alliance with her, Alexis and James. Natalie agreed.

Each tribe got Tree Mail and saw a letter that requested they choose one player from the opposing tribe to sit out of the next immunity challenge. The two chosen would be sent to Exile Island immediately and granted individual immunity for that night’s Tribal Council if their team lost the challenge.

The tribes arrived at the challenge as the rain let loose. Host Jeff Probst then asked for each team’s selection of the players to be sent to Exile. Malakal had selected Alexis, with Airai choosing Ozzy. They were both swept away to the tiny island’s shores. Then Probst explained the challenge, which is a repeat from the Palau season. One at a time, two players from each tribe were to navigate across an obstacle course filled with balancing elements as the others tried to knock them off with weighted bags. If they fell or got knocked off they would have to start over. The goal was to get five flags from one side of the course to the other. The first tribe to do so would win immunity with pizza and beer delivered to their camp later that day.

Erik and Jason quickly figured out how to work the course with Amanda and Eliza not as successful. The good news for them was that none of those using the weighted bags had any sense of timing or aim and consistently missed. Their main concern was just staying balanced. Jason pulled his tribe to a lead as Erik constantly jumped the first obstacle, landing on the platform. But one time it didn’t work out so well and he hit it hard with his chest. Not soon after, Jason led Airai to victory.

Back at camp, Erik was hurt from the challenge as he examined his chest for any obvious injury. He appeared to be in pain, but with nothing to be worried about. After their loss, Ami knew it wasn’t looking good for Erik and that he would be the one to go home.

Over at Airai, Jason was thrilled with his performance in the challenge calling himself the MVP. Then a boat delivered four pizzas and a bucket full of ice-cold beer. They were all dug right in.

The two left at Exile Island, Ozzy and Alexis, were busy searching for the hidden immunity idol. The only thing – Ozzy had already found it and hidden a fake one in its spot. So his search for the little piece of safety was to find out if anybody had found his false one. He was so happy to see that it was gone, but he wasn’t sure who had taken it (Jason had).

Back at Malakal beach, Erik started fighting for his life in the game and approached Amanda and Cirie asking them how much they really trusted Ami. He told them both about her past strategies and plan to get Ozzy out in an effort to save Tracy last Tribal Council. He led a convincing argument, but Cirie wasn’t sure which of the two she trusted the least. But Erik wasn’t too good at keeping his discussion a secret – Ami had seen what he was doing. She didn’t blame him for battling to save himself, but she wanted to stay in the game as well. So she went to Amanda and Cirie and said that she wants to stay with them in the game and fight on. They all agreed and shared a big group hug. Awwww, how sweet – it’s Survivor though, somebody was about to be stabbed in the back.

Ozzy arrived back to the camp and Erik went straight to him and told him the same thing he had told Amanda and Cirie – that she was working to get him out of the game instead of Tracy. That was it. Ozzy was done with her since she had made a move against him. He went and told Amanda, his girlfriend in the game, that he wanted Ami out.

They arrived at Tribal Council for the fourth straight time (Ozzy immune at this one due to the challenge sit out) where Probst pointed out that Erik is the last fan standing on Malakal. He also noted that the last three votes resulted in fans leaving the game. Was it still a game of fans against favorites? Ozzy said that alliances had been formed along those lines, but he had learned recently that some were playing both sides. Ami was brought to tears by that statement because she knew he was talking about her. She was upset that she never really felt included in the tribe since the others would go off and make decisions without her. Ami told Ozzy that she never would have voted against him and the only time she would write his name down would be for him to win the game. Erik continued his case that Ami is a threat in the game. Ami then tried to convince her fellow favorites that she was in the game with them and wanted to stay in the fight.

After the vote, Probst revealed that Ami, the Vanuatu favorite, was the latest player to be sent packing via a 4-1 vote. After she was ousted, Ami Cusack said, “It kills me that Ozzy and Amanda didn’t trust me and that I’m not still there playing with them. The one day I finally feel like I’m part of something, it’s the day I get voted out. This game definitely plays tricks on you. You really learn a lot about yourself. Like I really need to keep my head up. I really need to stay strong. I’m blessed I got to play this game twice.”

Next week’s episode looks to be a good one. The tribes merge and the preview revealed the new buff color is a light green. Then Eliza must find out that Jason has the “idol,” which she tells him probably isn’t the real one because it’s just a stick.

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