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American Idol: Ramiele Malubay Cried On Simon Cowell’s Shoulder

April 04, 2008 03:44 AM by Joe Reality

Ramiele Malubay TearsAfter Ryan Seacrest revealed that Ramiele Malubay had been eliminated from American Idol 7, Ramiele cried and hugged fellow finalist Kristy Lee Cook. As Ramiele wiped the tears from her face, Seacrest said “We are not going to let you go with a frown on your face and tears rolling off your cheeks. You have done a tremendous job. You have made some great friends. You made a lot of people happy. You need to be very proud of yourself.”

However, it turns out that Kristy Lee Cook and Ryan Seacrest weren’t the only ones to try to comfort Ramiele. After the cameras stopped rolling, Ramiele received sympathy backstage from a very surprising source. Simon Cowell might be harsh in his critique of the contestants while the cameras are rolling, but it turns out there is another side to him.

In regards to Simon Cowell, Ramiele revealed, “Oh, he likes me, I know he does. He’s a very nice guy. Backstage when I left the show he came and he was like, ‘oh, cry on my shoulder.’ And I was like, ‘oh, okay.’ And he was telling me, ‘It was the song choice; It was the song choice.’ I’m like, ‘Simon, I know it was the song choice.’”

Ramiele also added, “Yes, he’s a really nice guy and I really do believe in my heart that he says the things he says, sometimes he overdoes it; it’s TV, but he just wants us to be better. He didn’t just pick us to pick us, he saw something in us, obviously, and he wanted us to do well.”

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