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Big Brother 9: Sheila & Sharon Nominated For Eviction!

April 06, 2008 06:45 PM by Ryan Haidet

bb9-sheila-resized-cast-photo.jpgAfter Adam won Head Of Household, he said he felt much more confident in his abilities with the power this time around. Natalie claimed yet again that she had a dream that Adam would win HOH, saying it’s almost like God is talking to her. James and Sharon, the two not in on the four-way “Team Christ” were distraught that they were looking to be the next targets. They each wanted to find a way to fight that alliance. James went out to the kitchen and pitched to Adam how the whole week should go, saying that Sheila should be nominated. Adam started teasing Sheila saying that she would be nominated and she said she would be very upset if he did.

Later that night, Sheila went outside by the hot tub to chat with James and Sharon. The other three members of “T.C.” strategized in the house saying that they needed to be the final three with Sheila their first target after James and Sharon. Then in a fun practical joke, the three guys later toilet papered Sheila’s bedroom. She took it well and laughed her way through the room.

But Adam, extra emotional in tonight’s episode, said in a Diary Room confessional that he felt bad James was all alone. Then he went and consoled Sheila who was missing her son. She said that her son was her fuel in the game admitting that Adam is the only person she really trusts in the house.

After Joshuah’s eviction last week, Ryan had lost a secret ally, so trying to cover all his bases, he made an agreement with Sharon. She said she’d stay true to him and they both agreed to go to the final two together.

The food competition arrived and it was a messy one. At the end of a titled platform were small containers that each represented a food or luxury item. Their goal was to fill those containers up with gravy from the top of the platform by creating mashed-potato paths for the liquid to flow down. They only had ten minutes to do it and got most of the containers filled winning meats and fish, desserts, dairy and eggs, outdoor toys, bread and pasta and a barbecue grill. The house divided had worked together.

After the messy food competition, nominations were right around the corner and James wanted to talk to Adam about the game. James tried to convince Adam that he had done nothing to harm him in the game and was on his side. Ryan had overheard part of the conversation and went to his ally saying that James had to be nominated. Adam told both Natalie and Ryan that he was thinking about saving James and putting up Sharon against Sheila. They were both very concerned that James, not nominated, would win the Power Of Veto and pull off Sharon. This would force two people from “T.C.” to be up for eviction.

Shortly after this, James went up to the HOH room to discuss his situation again. He looked desperate and Natalie was getting frustrated that James was upstairs so she went to give her input. James said he has a big heart and he didn’t feel like his housemates had given him the chance. Then he started sobbing saying that he felt isolated – his red, emotional face nearly matching the color of his pink hair. He said he hadn’t cried that hard since he was 14, when his dad died. Natalie felt bad he was crying, apologized and left the room. Then Adam started crying and promised James safety from that night’s nomination.

At the nomination ceremony it was revealed that Adam had nominated Sharon and Sheila for eviction. He said he did what he needed to do for himself and if the house wanted James gone that they would have to prove it by winning the POV. Sheila was very upset and went to her room heartbroken. Ryan and Natalie were both upset that their own ally didn’t nominate the biggest target.

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