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Dancing with the Stars: Five Tens, Sir Dance-alot, and a Unicycle…

April 07, 2008 08:00 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Dancing-with-the-Stars-Adam-Carolla-KelseyMcNeal-ABCThe celebs are coming into tonight’s episode in an almost slap-happy mood. Maybe it’s Adam Carolla’s wisecracking or maybe it’s the Paso Doble. Either way, it looks like tonight’s going to be lots of fun for the contestants.

Kristi & Mark take the stage first this week, dancing a Paso Doble. Kristi, still struggling with showing her emotions, explains that it’s a fear of vulnerability that keeps her so reserved. But in this dance she’s determined to show her angry side. “No more prim and proper,” she promises. After the dance, Len says, “You can’t dance bad,” and gives Mark props for his choreography. But, he says, all of Kristi’s dances have “a sameness” about them. Bruno is full of name-calling already — calling Len “Mr. Crusty Goodman,” and calling Kristi “a Jezebel” (but apparently that’s a compliment when it comes to the Paso Doble). Carrie Ann says, “You both set the standard in this competition.” Kristi & Mark take a 29 for the dance, getting the first two 10s of the season.

Next up are Priscilla & Louis, with a Viennese Waltz. In rehearsal, Louis decides that Priscilla needs help in the fluidity department, so he takes her rollerskating. “Kristi, we’re comin’ for ya,” Priscilla warns before the dance. Bruno says their dance was like watching a scene from The Merry Widow. Carrie Ann is amazed by how Priscilla is able to create drama with facial expressions alone, but felt her balance was off. Len complains that the dance occasionally “looked rushed.” Also, the judges note, Priscilla’s feet came off the ground during a drag, which makes it a lift — and lifts are strictly forbidden, so the team must be marked down for that. The score for Priscilla & Louis’ waltz is a 22.

Next, with a Paso Doble, are Adam & Julianne. Adam may be full of laughs, but Julianne worries that the judges will think him a joke. “I really want the judges to take Adam seriously,” she says. Adam bursts onto the dance floor in a Zorro costume (complete with fake mustache)…on a…unicycle (why wouldn’t the judges take him seriously???)! The dance is cute, almost comical, with Julianne ripping Zorro’s mask off at the end. Carrie Ann says, “It was…interesting,” and then gives them an A for creativity. Len calls Adam “a lovable character,” while Bruno says Adam is a “classic example that genius and insanity go hand in hand.” Adam retorts that he and Julianne were dressed by the costuming department like “silent porn stars,” and suggests that the judges put Vaseline over their eyes before watching if they’d like to see a better performance. After receiving a score of 19, Adam quips, “Look baby, if this was golf we’d be kickin’ butt right now!”

It’s on to another Waltz, this time with Marlee & Fabian. Marlee desperately wants to break free from the middle of the Dancing pack, but struggles with dizziness during the waltz (perhaps a side-effect of her deafness?). Len calls the dance, “very, very good.” Bruno commends Marlee for being “always totally immersed in the role,” but warns her about posture problems. Carrie Ann can’t say much of anything because the dance has brought her to tears. After receiving a score of 24 from the judges, Fabian gives a Tarzan yodel to prove his manliness.

Mario & Karina are up next, with a Paso Doble. Last week’s low score was “a wake-up call” for Mario, who claims he’s “fighting to stay alive.” Karina has Mario doing calisthenics to help bring out his intensity, but does it work? Bruno calls him “Mario, the Conqueror.” Carrie Ann says the dance was “much better than last week.” But Len gives Mario the same criticism that he gave Kristi: “You’ve got one style of dance and it’s sort of wild.” Bruno tries to stick up for Mario, but when Len claims to have “underpants who are older” than Mario, there’s not much else to be said. Mario & Karina score a 24.

Jason & Edyta take the stage with a Waltz. In rehearsal, super-tough-guy Jason struggles with getting in touch with his gentlemanly side. Edyta takes him to Medieval Times to get Chivalry 101 training with a knight. After some work, the knight dubs Jason “Sir Dance-alot.” Carrie Ann is impressed with Jason’s understated grace and elegance, and calls the dance “seductive.” Len says it was a “wow of a waltz,” and Bruno calls it “sexy, sensual, erotic.” The judges dish out two more tens tonight and give Jason & Edyta’s waltz a 29.

Next up are Cristian & Cheryl, dancing the Paso Doble. Cheryl is losing patience with Cristian, and takes him to the opening of her new dance studio to get some tips on listenin’ up from former dance partner, Drew Lachey. Len likes the intensity of the dance, but doesn’t think Cristian conquered the big music. Bruno calls the dance “very convincing,” while Carrie Ann disagrees with Len, but warns Cristian about getting a glazed-eyed look when not in the hold with Cheryl. The couple scores a 26 for their performance.

Shannon & Derek waltz onto the stage, hoping to prove that they can still move, despite Derek’s recent neck injury that kept him on the sidelines during rehearsals this week. Shannon’s worried about Derek and nervous about the routine, which she practiced with Jonathan, while Derek choreographed from the sidelines all week long. But Derek is there to perform with Shannon tonight, sans neck brace. Bruno thinks the dance is elegant, while Carrie Ann gives Shannon props for being so comfortable in her own body. Len calls it “the best dance I’ve seen tonight!” He lives up to that, doling out his first 10 of the season. Shannon & Derek come away with a 28.

Finally, Marissa & Tony dance a Paso Doble. Marissa, who says she was devastated by Carrie Ann’s “boring” comment last week, has extra incentive to fight for her right to stay in the game. Carrie Ann thinks the dance is “fantastic.” Len calls it “a true coming out,” adding a “well done!” Bruno cheers: “That is the way to go!”

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