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RTV Predicts: What We Think Will Happen This Week…

April 07, 2008 06:13 AM by Jennifer_Brown

hellkit.jpgGot reality TV on your brain? Hard not to, what with all the reality giants in mid-season. It’s also hard not to be talking. To be guessing. To be predicting.

At Reality TV Magazine, our writers are watching, too. And talking. Guessing. And definitely predicting. Here’s what we think will happen this week on some of your favorite shows:

Joe, on American Idol:

1. Because it’s Idol Gives Back week, the judges, in the spirit of charity, will take it easy on the finalists this week. Even Simon Cowell will praise it as being one of the best weeks ever on Idol.

2. There will be an unexpected guest star on Idol Gives Back who will have all the media talking the next day.

3. After a couple of less-than-stellar weeks, it will once again be Brooke White and Jason Castro’s time to shine in the competition. Both of them will excel at inspirational song week.

Jen, on American Idol:

Okay, not to play favorites here, but don’t you think Idol Gives Back/inspirational song week is just made for David Archuleta? This kid is likely to be passionate about this week and will impress once again. I can also see Brooke White and Jason Castro finding themselves in their comfort zones this week. Michael Johns, however, I think might struggle, as he doesn’t seem to really connect with the songs he sings, nor with the audience he sings to.

Jen, on Biggest Loser:

At last! What Loser fans have been waiting for! A chance to vote for who gets in the final three! All I have to say is Roger had better hope he stays above the yellow line if he wants to stand a chance of making it in. Mark, who’s mellowed a lot after coming back on the show, will fare much better than his Alpha-Loser counterpart. Unfortunately, I think both girls will end up below the yellow line. Who will you vote for?

Jen, on Dancing with the Stars:

I wonder if Adam Carolla feels like he’s got a target on his back? With Penn and The Gutte gone, there simply is nobody worse than Adam now. What’s keeping him in the game? His humor, one hundred percent. The guy is hilarious and I think viewers want to see him continue just for the laugh breaks. But this week he’ll struggle again (okay, let’s just be honest. Carolla’s not ever going to improve enough to compete against Kristi Yamaguchi), and so will some of the others. Marissa’s confidence will be at an all-time low, but her feeling of being given a second chance will overpower it. Shannon will struggle from the disruption of Derek’s injury. And Priscilla, Marlee, and Kristi will steal the show once again.

Jen, on Hell’s Kitchen:

Chef Ramsay will do one of the following:

1. Kick a trash can.

2. Scream the word “donkey” at the top of his lungs.

3. Utter a sentence that is nothing but curse words and so is bleeped out in its entirety.

4. Vomit after tasting someone’s risotto.

5. Make a rude remark about someone’s physical appearance.

Yeah…okay…you’re right. He’ll do them all. And one of the girls will begin to fall in love with him because of it. The guys will lose again this week.

Can’t watch the shows? Catch the recaps right here on Reality TV Magazine!

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One Response to “RTV Predicts: What We Think Will Happen This Week…”

  1. polker Says:
    April 7th, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    These predictions above are smart and well-reasoned but they are not very interesting.
    Here are my predictions:
    American Idol: The Gives back show last year was dreadful, sheer torture to sit through and the endless pleasing for money gave it a nasty edge. They spared the singers last year and dragged the non-spense on and on. This year more stars, more crying kids, more heartless singing.
    Result: Kristy Cook gets the axe. More tears, or course.

    Extreme Make-Over: The worst Reality show, a shamelss cryfest with kids, adults, pounding nails, etc.. An earful of violins everytime this comes on. And host Ty continues to spiel junk. This week: The Lordes family gets a palace built after their dogs are killed by a tractor!!!

    Big-Brother: The worst cast ever and the dullest season since BB4, it has improved but not enough. No one worth rooting for and the arguments have been over minor,petty things. A mess of a season. But this week: James is finally evicted–backdoored. Final two: Adam and Sharon.

    Survivor-Fans vs. Favorites–The best Survivor in a long time, its really getting good. Favs Eliza and Cerie are playing great but Ozzy is the true star here. But he will be going soon. This week, the colorless Fan Eric gets the boot as the tribes merge. His long, droopy face doesnt fit in with these winners!!!

    Dancing With the Stars!!!-Not a great week but my fav dance, the Paso Dobles is finally here. Kristi reins surpreme but must lose that stiffness. She looks like she’s in pain as of course does, Priscilla.
    Given the boot this week: Shannon, who noone has ever heared of. Her dancing??? Not flashy enough.

    Hell’s Kitchen–The poor mans Top Chef with cheap sets, sassy chefs, and junky looking food. Chef Ramsay’s rants are besides any point. The week, Christy burns some mayonaise ala carte and is send back to cooking school.


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