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Simon Cowell Predicts Battle Of The Davids On American Idol

April 07, 2008 08:34 PM by Joe Reality

Larry King LiveWho will win American Idol 7? Ryan Seacrest, Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson, and Paula Abdul appeared on Larry King Live to discuss the season 7 finalists and Idol Gives Back. While Ryan Seacrest just joked that there would be a winner, Randy Jackson predicted a boy would win. Simon Cowell predicted, “It’ll be David versus David.”

In regards to David Cook, Randy Jackson said, “He’s definitely one of my favorites. I think he’s got a shot at winning the whole thing, this kid.” Simon Cowell said, “This is the guy I would actually choose to listen to on a personal level. Forget what I think about the business, I like this guy. I think he’s very good, my favorite.”

In regards to Carly Smithson, Simon Cowell said, “I’ll tell you the problem I have with Carly is I don’t think she knows who she is. I don’t think you can listen to a Carly song and go that’s who she is.” Paula Abdul said, “I think she picks songs that she thinks we’re going to approve of.”

In regards to Michael Johns, Randy Jackson said, “He’s a really talented guy. My problem with him is up until recently he’s been picking the wrong songs.” Simon Cowell said, “I like this guy. I think sometimes he’s a little bit like he’s auditioning for a spot as the lead singer in a rock band, and then he gets it right when he does the whole blues soul thing.”

In regards to Brooke White, Paula Abdul said, “She puts her heart and soul into every song. America really connects with her.” Ryan Seacrest said, “I like her. She doesn’t have a government. In other words, she gets on stage and she says what’s on her mind without thinking about it, without being too much of a politician.” Simon Cowell said, “Her problem is the last two weeks she’s been boring.”

In regards to David Archuleta, Randy Jackson said, “I think David’s really, really talented. He’s also one of the ones to beat.” Ryan Seacrest said, “Out of the gate, he was right up here, at the top of the crop, and it’s hard to maintain that each and every week.” Simon Cowell said, “He’s the one to beat, Larry. He really is the one to beat.”

In regards to Kristy Lee Cook, Simon Cowell said, “The odds of her winning are one million to one.” Randy Jackson said, “Yeah, I don’t think she’ll win, but she definitely could have a recording contract somewhere down the road.”

In regards to Jason Castro, Randy Jackson said, “Jason’s cool. I don’t think he’ll win either. I don’t think he’s got a shot at winning.” Simon Cowell said, “I think this guy is all about song choice. When he sang the Jeff Buckley song ‘Hallelujah,’ he was really good. The trouble is he turns up every week and he looks like he doesn’t care.”

In regards to Syesha Mercado, Randy Jackson said, “To me with her, I feel more like I’m looking at an actress/singer as opposed to just a singer.” Paula Abdul said, “I think she’s got a pretty, beautiful voice.” Simon Cowell said, “She’s never going to be incredible, that’s the problem.”

Simon Cowell also faked out Larry King by telling him that they had decided it would be the last year of American Idol. Cowell then laughed and revealed he was only kidding. Cowell said that they would be doing at least another two more years of Idol

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