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Dancing with the Stars: Adam Carolla is Eliminated!

April 08, 2008 07:47 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Dancing-Results-Show-Courtesy-KelseyMcNeal-ABCDancing’s got a big act up their sleeve for tonight’s results show. Superstar singer Sheryl Crowe is in the house tonight, performing an old favorite (All I Want to Do) and a new hit (Out of Our Heads).

But first we get to catch up with the celebs, who’re talking about last night’s performance. Marlee wants to work on her “bum” in the coming week. “It’s all about the bum,” she says. Priscilla is making no apologies for her illegal lift, saying having both feet off the ground “just felt good.” Mario tries to shake off Len’s poor score. “We just hope fans will side with Carrie Ann and Bruno,” says Mario’s partner, Karina. Marissa, celebrating after her much-improved performance, says, “At least if we go now we go our way!” Cristian is also celebrating — “We killed the bull!” And Adam & Julianne are downright defiant after their poor score. “Screw the judges!” Julianne cheers. Backstage with Samantha, things get a little squirmy when Shannon & Derek are pressed about a…ahem!…kiss during their dance. Is Shannon blushing…?

The judges were divided on who should give tonight’s encore performance. Finally, however, they settle on Adam & Julianne, purely for entertainment’s sake.

Next, Dancing brings out the kiddos, for the first week of a new competition. Every week over the next few weeks, two sets of tiny ballroom dancers will compete toe-to-toe for the chance to come back and perform on TV again. Tonight the age range is 9 & under.

First up are Aaron (age 9) & Daniela (age 8), dancing a Samba. “We want to look just like grown ups,” Daniela says. After the dance, Len says he was “bitterly disappointed”…because the dance ended too soon. He wanted to watch them longer. Bruno calls the dance “so much fun,” and says Daniela looks like a little tropical goldfish. Carrie Ann can’t stop smiling.

Competing against Aaron & Daniela are Aaron (age 8), & Rashell (age 8), dancing a Paso Doble. “We want the judges to pick us so we can come back over and over and so we can be famous,” says Aaron. After the dance, Bruno says, “You might be small but you are an enormous firepower!” Carrie Ann says she “honesty, truly, completely loved it.” Len calls the dance, “sharp, precise…a great job!”

The judges reveal their picks and it’s Aaron & Rashell who will be coming back later in the season to perform again.

After a short look at the choreography and practice time for the pro dancers who accompany the singing performances during the results show, it’s time to get down to the business of eliminating someone. The celebs come into the evening in the following order:

9th place: Adam & Julianne

8th place: Priscilla & Louis

5th place: Marissa & Tony

5th place: Marlee & Fabian

5th place: Mario & Karina

4th place: Cristian & Cheryl

3rd place: Shannon & Derek

1st place: Kristi & Mark

1st place: Jason & Edyta

After the judges’ scores are combined with viewer votes, it’s revealed that the bottom two are Priscilla & Louis and Adam & Julianne. The couple going home tonight are…Adam & Julianne.

“I had the time of my life,” Adam says. “I lost 20 pounds of fat. I gained 105 pounds of angel.” He advises viewers to embrace scary undertakings and leaves with, “I’m gonna dance my way right to the buffet!”

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Photo Courtesy: Kelsey McNeal/ABC

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