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Hell’s Kitchen: Corey Betrays Her Teammates!

April 08, 2008 08:05 PM by Lisa Stauber

Corey Earling on Hell's Kitchen

Hell’s Kitchen starts with a yell this week, as Sous Chefs Gloria and Scott arrive with bullhorns to blast the contestants out of bed. They barely have time to scramble into their jammies before they are presented to Chef Ramsay in the parking lot.

“The amount you wasted last night, any restaurant would have gone out of business!” he yells. Today, they are going to get a hands-on lesson about kitchen waste. The teams have to scramble to recover the wasted, rotting food from the previous night’s service.

The contestants are allowed a quick shower, and then Chef Ramsay meets them at Hell’s Kitchen for a class on economy. He hoists up a huge halibut and shows them how to filet it. He makes 53 perfect portions, and gives the teams 20 minutes to do the same.

The Blue Boys finish in only 11 minutes, but the Red Girls take their time. Ramsay inspects their work, and finds that each team has prepared 41 filets that meet his exacting criteria. It’s the first tie in the history of Hell’s Kitchen! He makes each team select one person, who will then select a filet. The filet that weighs in closest to six ounces wins. The men choose Ben to pick the perfect portion, the women select private chef Corey. Corey’s filet comes in light – 4.8 oz., while the Blue Boys choice weighs a near perfect 5.9 oz. The guys are going to dine on lobster and caviar on a yacht while the girls have to prep the fish for the next night’s service.

Jen can’t get over her bad fortune. She spends most of the fish prep time berating Corey for choosing a puny piece. “I’m sorry, so sorry!” Corey says, in tears, but Jen won’t let up. Corey has had enough of Jen. “I think her personality is to blame others,” she says.

The next day, it’s Sharon who’s having problems – again. She needs a lot of hand holding in the kitchen. “Our team has a problem,” Christina says of Sharon. Corey has a different point of view. “Christina is a know it all,” she gripes. Looks like the Red team isn’t so friendly, after all!

Service is going to begin, but Chef Ramsay decides to give a pop quiz on the menu. Petrozza can’t name all the dishes, and a fed up and angry Ramsay sends him upstairs to memorize it. His station will be unmanned until he does – putting the Blue Boys at a disadvantage. Ramsay calls Petrozza down for a private chat, but he still can’t get the menu right. Ramsay sends him right back up again, and Petrozza throws in the towel. “I’m done, I’m done,” he wails. Bobby talks him out of his depression, helping him get back in his game. Petrozza recovers himself, and is able to rattle off the dishes to Ramsay’s satisfaction.

Jean-Philippe, the maitre d’, is going to have help tonight. “I’ve never seen Jean-Philippe take such a battering,” Ramsay says, referring to the last service, and assigns Rosann from the red team and Craig from the blue team to be his assistants. Time to see if the chefs can work the front of the house as well!

The men get started cooking, but Rosann hasn’t turned in any orders yet. The Blue Boys are presenting appetizers for Ramsay’s approval but Bobby’s having trouble frying an egg. He takes it out on Jason who is cooking the other half of the starter plate. Their second attempt meets approval, and food starts leaving the kitchen. The women finally get started on their orders, and Ramsay’s pleased with their progress. “Corey, very nice, that risotto,” Ramsay says. After pushing out 48 appetizers, the men start on the entrees. The women haven’t sent any entrees out, though, and it’s over an hour into the dinner service.

Craig is having a few problems at the front. He is moving a chair and whacks a customer in the head with it. JP is flabbergasted and demands that Craig apologize. Meanwhile, Rosann turns in an order – which she took an hour ago. Ramsay asks her what she was thinking, and she replies that she has a whole line up of old orders, because she “didn’t want to bombard the kitchen.” I’m surprised Chef Ramsay didn’t have a stroke after hearing that!

Sharon, cooking the beef for the Red Girls, is the weakest link. She lets raw meat touch cooked meat, and nothing she fires up meets Ramsay’s standards. Christina is on fish, and because Ramsay won’t let a plate go out unless the whole table is served at once, it’s backing all of the ladies up. Petrozza’s not faring much better over on the blue side, and Bobby picks a fight.

Jean-Philippe brings back a plate of raw fish that somehow slipped past Chef Ramsay’s quality control. It was cooked by the Blue Boys, and that’s the last straw. Ramsay bellows the order: “Shut it down!”

Chef Ramsay determines that the girls were the worst team of the night, and selects Corey Earling as the best of the worst. Corey’s not conflicted about who she’ll put on the chopping block, though. Ben finally gets it. “You’re going to take out the best, aren’t you!” he cries. “I am the best.” Corey snaps back.

Corey chooses Christina, for strategic reasons, and Jen, for personal reasons. Whoa, Jen, I guess you should have lightened up a bit during all that fish prep! Christina is brief and to the point about why she should stay, and starts crying. Jen goes on, and on, and on, seemingly naming every good thing she has ever done on Hell’s Kitchen. Ramsay listens, but then he has his own speech to make.

“There’s someone here that I just don’t believe in. So the person leaving is Sharon.” The contestants are shocked – she wasn’t one of Corey’s choices. Now Corey has two enemies on her team. “The gloves are off!” Jen says.

“Anything can happen on Hell’s Kitchen!” Bobby seems delighted at the surprising turn of events. We’ll see how he feels next week, when the girls take a dip in the hot tub while trying to tempt the guys and distract them so they’ll lose.

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