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The Biggest Loser: We Are Almost Home

April 08, 2008 07:43 PM by DA Southern

The Biggest Loser's Host Alison SweeneyWith only one week away from The Biggest Loser Couples Finale, we have four radically transformed individuals vying for the top three positions in the Finale,with America holding all of the cards.

We already know that America will determine who will be in competition for the big prize, but really, at this point, are any of them losers,I mean winners,No, I meant losers?

Mark opened the show explaining how he and his brother fell below the yellow line and Jay took the bullet for Mark and headed home. You have got to give the brothers credit for being the last “couple” in the game, even though the game shifted from that several weeks ago.

Roger felt the sting of one of the “Band of Brothers” being sent home as well and knew that the road ahead would be challenging as they all headed home to train for the Finale and $250,000.

Kelly, perhaps one of the biggest surprises, flourished when her ex-husband went home and now had a true chance to be in the top three as she has truly picked up the slack in the last weeks.

Ali has got to be the biggest success of them all as she escaped being eliminated and fought hard to get to the top four. She, of all the women, has the most to prove and you can see in the regimented way she has competed that she truly may have an honest shot at being the first woman Biggest Loser.

The four returned from Australia walking the same path they took when they first arrived at The Biggest Loser camp, except this time they were not winded. Alison greeted them telling them that they had one more week at the campus and that they would be training alone. Alison sent them to change and told them that they would be greeting an old friend once again. When they returned they were greeted by none other than Chef, Rocco Di Spirito who cooked for them in week six.

Rocco told each of the four that they had their favorite dish they loved prior to the campus, in front of them, calories and all. Rocco decided to remake each of their fatty favs with good ingredients, i.e. healthy style. Rocco worked on a healthy version of Pepper Steak for Roger, Chicken Alfredo for Kelly, Prime Rib and loaded potatoes for Ali and Ice Cream for Mark. What was amazing was that all of the recipes, even the ice cream, were dramatically reduced by calories and none of the contestants seemed to miss the fatty ways they used to love their favorites. Man, after that I am hungry. Where is my bag of chips I usually have when I write.

The four started to work out alone as thy awaited their final challenge. Kelly was amazed how she enjoyed running now and Ali said that she had not much gas left in the tank, but was determined to push to the end. Roger was determined to train religiously without Bob pushing him because he knew that this was how it would be the rest of his life. Mark said that he trained with the initials “WWBD”, What Would Bob Do, in the back of his mind as he trained like a fiend to be in the final three.

Alison met them on the beach and welcomed them to their final challenge as she recapped some of their biggest challenges. Even more amazing was that between the top four, Alison informed that they had lost 400 lbs. between them. Alison said that they would compete against their biggest adversary, their former selves, as they each donned a suit that equaled their weight they had lost to date for the challenge.

Alison told them they would run in their fat suits to the end of the beach, shed them, grab their flag and run to the top of the mountain. The first one to plant their flag would win the biggest loser meal plan that would have fresh prepared foods until the Finale,and $10,000 check.

It was really incredible how they all struggled with the extra weight as Mark was first to grab his flag and race up the mountain. Mark placed his flag on top of the mountain with Roger close behind. Ali was a respectable third with Kelly pulling up the rear.

Bob and Jillian came back to the campus for the final few days with the contestants and Roger informed Bob that he wanted to beat Neil from Season 4′s total weight loss at the campus by losing more that 15 lbs at the weigh-in. The girls were happy, as well, to see Jillian as she thought they both looked stressed. Mark was having a whispering session with Bob telling him that he was beat and feeling the effects of not having his brother, Jay, around. Bob said that his job was to get Mark to focus and back on track as he went to the Finale.

Alison showed up and announced that they had 24 hours left and that she had a surprise for them, which was the “before and after” as they each watched their original interview tapes. First in was Roger who could hardly believe what he saw on the screen. Kelly was in next with Jillian as she watched as she saw herself transform before her eyes on the screen.

Mark’s transformation was insane as the man who we saw in the interview tape hardly resembled the man who sat on the couch. Mark was one of the two who were actually left the campus and returned with a vengeance. The last returnee from being kicked off, Ali, was shocked that she used her weight as such a defense mechanism thinking that if people didn’t like her because she was big, then “screw them.” Ali came to realize that she could win when she saw the transformation.

As we prepared for the final weigh-in, the contestants were working harder than they had ever worked as the trainers punished them to get them into the Finale. The final four took the final walk towards the huge scale to see who would compete for the top prize; unbeknownst that America would chose the final spot in the top three.

Roger was first on the scale with his previous weight at 234 lbs. Roger came in with an impressive 15 lbs weight loss beating Neil from Season 4 for the most weight loss at the campus bringing his total weight loss to 219 lbs, definitely keeping him above the yellow line with a 6.41% loss, or maybe not.

Mark was next with the scale reading 181 lbs and his current week’s weight loss coming in at a respectable 12 lbs bringing his total weight loss to 116 lbs since arriving on campus and a 6.63%, pushing him to the top.

Ali stepped up to the scale showing an incredible 146 lbs that she weighed last week and Alison telling her that she needed to lose more than 9 lbs to stay above the yellow line. Ali was fearful because she had not lost that much weight since the first week as the scale resounded with an 11 lbs loss and an incredible 7.53% loss rocketing her to first place.

Kelly was last up as Alison told her that she would have to have lost more than 12 lbs this week to stay above the yellow line. When the scale came back with a 13 lbs loss, Jillian almost fainted, putting both of the girls above the yellow line and both of the guys below with her 6.81% loss for the week.

Alison then dropped the bomb of America voting for Roger or Mark and told the boys to go to the confessional to make a case for America’s vote. Roger’s confessional was not as powerful as Mark’s profession to go on to become The Biggest Loser and it will be interesting to see the outcome of America’s vote next week as we crown the champion.

The cardboard cutouts finally came out as the four got a final look at what they had accomplished as they prepared to leave the campus and then we saw them delivered to their families as we prepared for the Finale next week leaving the excitement of the final four’s homecoming for next week’s big show.

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