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Big Brother 9: James Evicted — Again!

April 09, 2008 06:40 PM by Ryan Haidet

big-brother-9-james-courtesy-cbs2.jpgYet another eviction night for the Big Brother house and it was looking grim for James, the pink-haired man who is bicycling around the world. After Ryan won the Power Of Veto and pulled Sheila off the nomination block, Adam, the current Head Of Household nominated James – the person targeted the last few weeks in the house.

But he wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

James started to campaign against Natalie. He first was trying to bring her down by asking her why she quit working out after Matt was evicted. The others laughed at his comments and Natalie was upset at how he was acting. She told all of them that she didn’t want them to laugh because that was only encouraging his actions. But James was fighting for his survival in the game and he wanted the house to know she was a big competitor stating that she hadn’t been nominated since the individual portion of the game.

As Natalie was sunbathing, she told Sheila and Sharon that the girls needed to band together and take out the boys. Sheila didn’t buy it. Just across the yard, Adam and Ryan were talking and agreed that Natalie was very untrustworthy.

Back inside the house, Natalie went to Adam and told him that Sharon was saying that the girls needed to stick together – which is exactly what she had strategized earlier. Then she told Ryan the same story. But that wasn’t all the strategy going on. Sheila wanted to let Adam know what she thought was going on. She told him Natalie’s plan to nominate he and Ryan for eviction. Adam wasn’t sure which side to believe.

James asked Ryan to keep him safe because if he was voted out, the girls might gang up on the men. Ryan said he would consider voting to keep him safe if he knew for a fact there was another vote on board. So James went to Sheila and Adam and told them that he wanted to stay in the house so he could go after Natalie and take her out of the game. It sounded enticing to Sheila.

Continuing to lay low and let the others dig their own graves, Sharon was also nominated this week – her third time in a row. Her family back home said that Sharon is a very patriotic person who is faithful to her family and religion. Not long ago, she was in a crash that caused her car to roll several times. She survived the accident and her mother said this brought her closer to God.

Also outside the Big Brother house, Matt had been evicted three weeks ago and remained at the jury house. At first, he said he was upset to be eliminated, but the thing he was missing most was interacting with people. Well, that was short lived as Chelsia, the next evicted, joined him in sequester. Matt was happy to see her there because he obviously didn’t want her to win. Then the two were anxiously awaiting the next person to arrive. Matt was hoping to see James walk in the door, Chelsia hoping for Natalie. Moments later, Joshuah entered the house to Matt’s excitement and Chelisa’s sadness. When the game is all said and done, Matt is hoping Natalie wins it all because he said she deserves it most – and because she might buy him something nice.

Back in the house, eviction time had arrived. After Sharon and James pled their cases to stay, the three eligible to vote, entered the Diary Room one at a time and cast their votes to evict live. All three (Natalie, Ryan and Sheila) voted to evict James. It was official, the crazy competitor and underdog was evicted for the second time. His strategy to target Natalie definitely got the house talking, but it wasn’t enough to save him. As he walked out of the house, Sheila was moved to tears.

In his exit interview with host Julie Chen, James said he was ready to go because he didn’t like the remaining houseguests. That didn’t mean he wouldn’t be friends with some of them who are still left in the game, though. He said he would likely stay in touch with Adam, Sheila and Sharon. Not Natalie or Ryan because he said he hates what they stand for.

The HOH competition was next in a very simple, yet amusing endurance challenge titled, “Glass Houses.” The four houseguests eligible to compete (Adam can’t as outgoing HOH) were each standing in a glass box that had no floor. The goal was simple – stay in the box the longest. But the boxes weren’t staying on the ground, they were each raised into the air and the houseguests had to hang on. The last player left in their glass box would win the power for the week. After a short commercial break, all four were still in their boxes, but Ryan was sweating profusely. And as the credits rolled, Sharon seemed unsure about how long she could make it because she had recently hurt her back. Who will win the power? To be continued,

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2 Responses to “Big Brother 9: James Evicted — Again!”

  1. Idol2008 Says:
    April 10th, 2008 at 6:59 pm

    I don’t think Michael John’s should have been voted off tonight. First of all it wasn’t fair that Ryan said that last year no one got voted off during Idol Gives Back week. And for Ryan to say that right after saying that he had the loweset votes giving Michael a ray of hope that he wouldn’t be going home was CRULE!! I think they should bring him back for next week. What was fair for last year’s contestants should be fair for every year’s contestants!!!!!!

  2. Idol2008 Says:
    April 10th, 2008 at 7:04 pm

    I forgot to add that i am very upset with american idol for doing that and also the way Ryan said that


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