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High School Reunion: Adieu, Farewell and Goodbye

April 09, 2008 08:58 PM by DA Southern

High School Reunion and the Night at the PromAs we get ready for the prom and our final peek into the lives of the JJ Pearce of Richardson, TX Class of ’87, we hope we will have some resolution to the frenetic relationships that we have seen in the house, but we know, in our heart of hearts, all will probably not be answered.

Day 10 hits us like a fresh Hawaiian morning as the classmates prepare for the last moments together as the reunion comes to a close with the announcement of Prom on the bulletin board. Kat was so excited as she said, “Who wouldn’t want to go to another Prom again” as we were then treated to Glenn saying, “My senior Prom sucked.” Classic stuff!

The house encouraged Glenn to get into the mood as they all headed to the beach for some fun in the sun. Everybody seemed to be relishing their final day together as the gang seemed to bond together, especially without Steve and Lana in the mix. Mike was free to court Heather to his heart’s delight and Sean and Kirstin seemed to be on the road to a solid relationship.

One of the neatest stories that certainly seemed to get lost in the Lana-Steve drama was the fact that Glenn and Jason, who were arch enemies in High School, had become really good friends. Jason even was seen saying that Glenn and he would probably be friends from here on out. Sweet, very sweet.

Back at the ranch, Matt was thinking about his wife who had recently passed away and his new found relationship with Yvette. Poor Matt was unsure as to what the next step was not only with Yvette but with relationships in general, and you could tell he wasn’t ready to leave. We then saw Matt and Yvette talking by the pool and both agreed that their relationship was deeper than each could probably admit.

Sean and Kirstin were having dinner when Sean popped the big question,No, not that, but the “Will you go to Prom with me?” question. Shucks, folks, I’m speechless. Of course she said “Yes” but I just can’t get a bead on Sean. I swear that guy is all over the place.

Day 11 started with DeAnna getting a “Hall Pass” and Justin was “Shocked” when she asked him. Not really, but he was wondering why she was pursuing him so hard because he was not sure if he wanted to get serious. Wait, isn’t this the same guy who couldn’t get her to look at him in High School and was excited to go out with her a couple of days back? The answer is “Yes” for those who forgot their scorecards.

DeAnna said that she asked Justin on the date because she hoped he would ask her to Prom while at dinner. What is this, High School? Oh, yeah, it is. Sean was curious why he was her victim of choice and he deliberately toyed with the poor girl’s emotions as he waited forever to ask her.

Day 12 slapped us in the face as Matt bounded up the stairs to see Yvette, his drink of choice at the reunion, and FINALLY asked her to go with him. She said “Yes” and Matt relaxed and Rob, who has been quiet as of late, asked Cheryl, who we have hardly heard a peep from, to the Prom. I guess that leaves Glenn and Jason going together to the Prom since everybody else has paired off. Boy, those two really ARE friends now. Well, Kat went with them too.

The guys and girls looked good all dressed up and were whisked away to their final evening together at the Prom. The gang was just having a great time dancing and eating, but, come on, you know it would not last. DeAnna said that there was even a ballot box to vote for King and Queen and Kat said that she, Jason and Glenn would probably win.

In one weird moment, Kirstin took Sean out to talk to him and gave him an engagement ring,No, it’s not like that. It was the ring that he had given her once and she had then broken off the engagement but I guess she had not returned it. Sean looked confused, as were we. Look it up, it is all on the scorecard! Sean did tell her that he loved her, but that was the extent of it.

The 80′s group, The Motels, even showed up to sing their song,you know the one about lonely something or another. Justin then took DeAnna out and gave her the “It’s not you it’s me” line and took her back to the party saying that he just “wasn’t where she was” and I have no idea what that meant. Sad, very sad. A heart crushed on the lava rocks of Hawaii by a former guy who couldn’t get a date and, at the Prom, for God’s sake.

Rob and Cheryl seemed to be having fun and Rob was surprised how much she chatted him up during the evening. Rob was glad to have the time with Cheryl and just as the boys and girls seemed to have it all, Steve walked in. (Insert cricket sounds here)

The mood suddenly shifted and it looked like we might just have a brawl yet. Steve was there to make one last attempt at reconciliation with Mike and Mike told Steve that he certainly had male accoutrements for coming to the Prom and he finally agreed to “let bygones be bygones” and Steve was welcomed into the fold. Well, bless his heart.

The announcement of King and Queen finally arrived and Rob was crowned winner and his Queen was Cheryl, which shocked her. Rob felt a special kinship with his Queen as the night slowly wound down and the kids all returned to the days of the 80′s one last time as they danced and partied the night away, only this time nobody got in trouble for drinking.

Packing day seemed somber as the gang prepared to leave and Matt and Yvette took the opportunity to have some final moments together. Matt must have been talking to Justin because he told Yvette that what they had was a deep friendship and nothing more and you could see Yvette visibly change. Matt just wasn’t ready to move on from losing his wife so quickly.

Glenn and Jason gave each other a big hug as the rest of the gang said their final goodbyes. In the grand scheme of things, Sean and Kirstin probably left with the strongest bond and we were left with Mike and Matt chatting about each of their individual paths.

The dramatic scenes from the series all played out as the credits rolled and a classic 80′s song played us out as we saw the final black SUV pull into the Hawaiian sunset with the last of the Class of ’87 of Pearce High School of Richardson, TX.

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Photo Courtesy of TV Land.

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