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Survivor: Micronesia — Eliza Ousted, Plays Fake Idol!

April 10, 2008 07:35 PM by Ryan Haidet

eliza-survivor.jpgThis episode drowned viewers with great stuff from a merge, a hilarious new tribe name, James eating watery bat and the playing of a fake hidden immunity idol, which caused Eliza’s ouster.

But first,

Night 21, Malakal arrived back at camp after voting Ami out. Ozzy said he never would have voted against her if she would have been truthful to him. Erik, on the other hand, was thrilled to still be there. He was the last fan remaining on that tribe and was hoping the merge would come soon. He was right on. Over at Airai, Jason and Eliza were hoping that Erik was the one voted out since Ami was on their side. Jason felt he could trust Eliza, so he told her that he had found the hidden immunity idol. Eliza was so excited and said she couldn’t have aligned with anybody better. But what she didn’t know is that he didn’t have the real thing. He had found a fake one that Ozzy had hidden on Exile Island. Ozzy was the true owner of the idol.

The next day, Cirie went to treemail and it said that they needed to gather all their possessions and head out to a different beach. As they packed things up, Erik promised Ozzy that he would stay on Malakal’s side. He wasn’t looking to go back on them. Over at Airai, they were packing their things up as well when Parvati realized she had made two alliances. She had one with her original Favorites, some of which were at Malakal. The other alliance was with herself, Natalie, Alexis and she just decided Amanda should be in it. She wasn’t sure who she should go with, but definitely didn’t think it was Fans Vs. Favorites any longer.

Both tribes arrived at a new beach and merged. Eliza was shocked that Ami had been voted out. She didn’t like that situation because she felt that, besides Jason, Ami was her only other ally. She and Jason felt on the outside.

They got new green buffs, told they needed to pick a new name and began feasting. James dug right into a bowl full of bat. He compared it to eating a rabbit and said it was really tasty and was going to eat another one. No thanks. I’d rather starve. As they all feasted, nobody else apparently chomping on the bat, Erik came up with the word “Dabu” for the merged-tribe name. Why Dabu? He said it meant “good” in Micronesian. Everybody liked it a lot and chose to go with it. The only thing, Erik said in a confessional that he just wanted to pick a tribe name and it didn’t really mean anything. He just made up that it meant “good.” When given the choice to choose which beach to call home, nobody hesitated that they wanted to return to Malakal.

After they all filled their bellies, Ozzy and Alexis lay on the ground and got comfortable with each other. She told him how much fun she had with him on Exile Island just a few days prior and it seemed like she was falling for him. Amanda, Ozzy’s girlfriend in the game, was not happy that Alexis was moving in on him, so she wanted her gone.

The next day they all arrived to Malakal beach as one. Cirie said it was going to be hard for her to watch these new people come in and start grabbing stuff like they had been there all along. She said it would be like having somebody come in your house, grabbing the remote and changing the channel.

Jason wanted to hide his hidden immunity idol, so when he got to the new camp, he went and hid it under a rock. The only other person he really thought was with him, Eliza, went to Parvati and asked if the old Favorites would stick together, but Parvati wasn’t so sure. Parvati said in a confessional that she thought it was ridiculous that Eliza was promising to stick with her after she had been targeting her since the beginning of the game. Amanda and Parvati discussed that it was time for Eliza to go, and Amanda was told about her alliance with Natalie and Alexis. Amanda was very upset that Parvati just decided to place her with that group. She wanted nothing to do with that alliance.

Day 24, Dabu received notice of their first individual immunity challenge. Jason told Eliza that if he won he’d give her his hidden immunity idol so they could both survive Tribal Council. They all arrived at the shore where host Jeff Probst described a challenge previously done in Survivor: Palau. It was an endurance challenge. Each player had to take a spot under a grate in the ocean. As the tide would rise, they would have less breathing space. The last one remaining would be safe from the vote. After 35 minutes, Amanda was the first out. Around 45 minutes in, four more bailed out (Parvati, Alexis, Cirie and Natalie). It soon came down to only Jason, James and Ozzy. It was extremely claustrophobic and painful to watch each battle to get a small breath. James dropped out leaving the contest between the two others. Each were shaking and struggling to get air as they pushed their faces on the grate. Ozzy couldn’t take it any longer, understandably so, and Jason won immunity.

Back at Dabu, Jason said it was so great beating Ozzy and it was delightful to see the disappointment on his face. On the other end, Parvati was ready for Eliza to go and as she told the others that, Eliza noticed them talking about her. She ran over to Jason and said that she needed the idol because she was everybody’s target. So when he got the chance, he placed it in her bag. When Eliza ran off to check it out, she opened it and said, “This isn’t it. This is so stupid, this is just a napkin. Oh my God, this isn’t it.” She went right to Jason and told him that he didn’t have the real idol. He wasn’t concerned because it had a face carved into it. “It’s just a stick,” she told him and also said that Ozzy had probably hidden that on Exile Island. The plan was to go ahead and play it anyway because if it was real, Ozzy would be the one sent home.

At Tribal Council, Alexis said Eliza played a good mental and physical game, but her social game was no good – past tense. But Eliza, who was still in the game when that statement was made, said that too many people were playing short-futured games. Nobody was looking further ahead and that was their fault in the social aspect. Eliza also said that she didn’t think anybody liked her and that’s when Parvati stepped in. She called her out for targeting her early on in the game and then coming to her in the merge saying that she wanted the Favorites to stick together. Parvati didn’t like Eliza’s doubletalk.

Each then had their chance to vote, and when Eliza voted for Ozzy she said, “I hope something miraculous happens with this stick and you’re voted out – not me.” When all the ballots were cast, Probst stood at his podium and said that anybody with a hidden immunity idol needed to play it then. Cue Eliza. She stood right up, walked over to him and Probst unwrapped Ozzy’s carved stick that Jason had believed was the real thing since he found it. Ozzy started laughing, but the others had worried looks. Probst said it was not real and threw it in the fire, much like he did when Jaime from the China season played a fake idol. “That means Ozzy has it, Jason found it on Exile. Ozzy has the real one,” Eliza blurted out. Ozzy didn’t deny it.

The votes were read and Eliza Orlins, a favorite from Vanuatu’s season was ousted 8-2. After she was booted the law student said, “Well, I think I did everything I could do in this game. I think I went out with a bang, played a fake hidden immunity idol. I can’t really believe Jason thought that stick was the real hidden immunity idol, but I had to play it anyhow – out Ozzy for having the real one, and hopefully now people can do something about it. Too bad that immunity idol wasn’t real because we would have shocked them.”

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