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Dolly Parton Wants To Duet With Michael Johns, Keith Urban And Nicole Kidman Reach Out

April 12, 2008 09:43 AM by Joe Reality

Dolly Parton And Michael JohnsWhile American Idol viewers are still reeling from Michael Johns’ shocking elimination, a couple of famous celebrities are reaching out to the singer. For many, Michael John’s best performance of the competition came during Dolly Parton week. Even Michael Johns himself said, “It’s All Wrong, But It’s All Right, the Dolly week, turning a country song into a soul song. That’s my niche. I’m just sad I’m not going to do any more of it.”

Apparently, Dolly Parton was impressed with Michael Johns’ performance as well. Johns revealed, “I was on the line with FOX and Friends, I think, this morning doing an interview and they were doing an interview with Dolly and Lily Tomlin, actually, talking about the Nine to Five musical. I don’t know how she was made aware of it, but all of a sudden Dolly was talking to me, saying, ‘Michael, I can’t believe that you got voted off. It was really shocking to me,’ and the fact that she loved what I did with her song, which was amazing to me. She said she would love to write and maybe sing a duet one of these days. That was pretty cool.”

In addition to Dolly Parton, Michael Johns revealed, “I got a reach-out from Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman.” Johns added, “Saying I was their favorite and they watched every week. It’s just amazing how far this show reaches, everyone from Dolly Parton to Keith Urban. It’s insane.”

The message from Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman was passed on to Michael Johns at an event he went to after Idol Gives Back. Johns said, “It was the last thing I was expecting to hear, but any time you can get two great Australians saying that to you, I was very, very honored.”

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