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American Idol Finalist Speaks Out On Shout To The Lord

April 13, 2008 01:01 AM by Joe Reality

Ray Mickshaw/FOXThe American Idol finalists performed the song “Shout To The Lord” twice. The first time was on Idol Gives Back and the second time was on the American Idol results show. During Idol Gives Back, a huge controversy erupted over the lyrics of the song being altered to replace “My Jesus” with “My Shepherd.”

During the American Idol results show, the finalists actually sang the “My Jesus” version of the song. No mention was made on the show of the controversy or why “My Jesus” was originally edited, but then added back when the song was performed for a second time.

During a media call, recently eliminated American Idol finalist Michael Johns was asked about the finalists singing an overtly Christian religious song and if the producers gave them an option on singing it. Johns said, “Religions are personal. I think there’s a big difference between spiritual and religion, you know what I mean? With Idol Gives Back it’s a bigger picture out there. Just to be a part of something like that, it’s just magic. I didn’t expect that coming into the season. You’re thinking about the singing in the competition, but then Sunday night happened and you’re just like oh, my goodness. It’s amazing to sit there and look at these artists giving back and doing such good. I was happy to sing it.”

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Photo Credit: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

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