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Big Brother 9: Adam & Sharon Nominated!

April 13, 2008 07:10 PM by Ryan Haidet

bb9-adam-resized-cast-photo.jpgThe last episode not only left fans hanging on, but the houseguests as well as they kicked off the start to an endurance challenge. As the early minutes passed, they each tried to make themselves more comfortable in their bottomless, glass box that was hanging in the air. Only eight minutes in and Sharon dropped out saying her back hurt too much to hang around any longer.

Sheila, yet to win a Head Of Household competition started saying how she needed to win this one for her son. She wanted pictures of him, and winning would make that a guarantee.

But down below, the two onlookers, Adam and Sharon said that they were in trouble if Natalie won. They were both ready for her to go. Moments later they both went into the house to grab a snack and that’s when the scheming started outside. Sheila promised both Ryan and Natalie safety from nomination if they let her win. Without much discussion, they both agreed.

At 2 hours and 47 minutes in, Ryan dropped out. But then Natalie was hanging around longer than Sheila had expected. She kept saying, “What would Jesus do?” Sharon hilariously responded and said he would drop out and let Sheila win. Natalie’s obnoxious chatting was driving everybody crazy and wearing on all of them. Finally, after making sure everybody heard her say she was a giver, she decided to fall. Sheila won her first HOH after hanging in the glass box for 3 hours and 9 minutes.

After she won, Adam suspected that she would nominate him as he had done her the previous week. But Sheila said in a confessional that Adam was her ally and she would do anything to protect him. Her real target for the week? Natalie. She said she had promised not to nominate her – but there was nothing said about backdooring.

Sheila was finally allowed to see her new HOH bedroom and it was fitted with loads of family pictures – and yes, several of her son. Thank goodness! Who knows what would have happened had there not been any of him. One other picture hanging on the wall was one of her in her 20s. And she looked great! Adam said, “I wish that Sheila was in the house instead of this thing.” Later in a confessional, Sheila said that she really has a special love for Adam, even though she hated him when the game first started. In fact, he’s her choice to be the other half of the final two with her.

Not long before the nomination ceremony, Ryan went up to the HOH bedroom and Sheila promised him safety, but she wanted something else in return. She was going to keep her word to he and Natalie and nominate Adam and Sharon. But, she wanted Adam pulled off the nomination block if he won the Power Of Veto. That way, she could put Natalie up on the block and they could take her out of the house. Ryan made that promise.

After Ryan left the room, Adam went right up. He was told he was going to be nominated, but Sheila promised Natalie would be the one to get the boot this week.

The nomination ceremony arrived and in Sheila’s speech before the keys were pulled, she said this was the toughest thing she had done in the game so far. After it was all over, it was revealed that Sharon and Adam were nominated for eviction – just as planned and promised. Will the plan to backdoor Natalie work?

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