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Dancing with the Stars: Kristi “Yum-u-licious” Snags More Tens!

April 14, 2008 08:41 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Kristi-Yamaguchi-Courtesy-KelseyMcNeal-ABCThey’ve been billing it as “The Sexiest Show of the Season.” As Samba and Rumba Night gets underway it’s obvious that it’s going to be at least the most flesh-colored show of the season, as the outfits are slinky and sexy and chests and bellies are front and center. We’re halfway through the season already, so are you ready fans? Let’s get ready to Rumbaaaaa! Well… and Samba, too.

Up first are Mario & Karina, with a Samba. Mario feels his ego’s been taking a beating over the past couple weeks and travels to KJLH 102.3 FM radio station to get a little pick-me-up from Stevie Wonder. After Stevie gives a few tips on bringing magic to the stage, Mario cries, “I got my swagger back!” Before hitting the stage, he adds, “I’ve never given up on anything in my life. I’m not planning to start now. I’m ready to Samba!” Len says Mario’s Samba “suited” him. Bruno says, “If your hips could talk we’d be censored tonight.” Carrie Ann calls it “nice and clean and to the point.” After receiving their score of 27, Mario gives a shout out to Stevie: “I love you for life!”

Next up are Priscilla & Louis with a Rumba. In rehearsals, Louis’ intensely disciplined style frustrates Priscilla, who feels he wants perfection. But they work hard and she comes to the stage feeling, “Ready to prove that we belong amongst the leaders. Time for a comeback!” Bruno gives Priscilla kudos for having the right persona on stage (what he calls “sensual but not trashy.”), but feels that she and Louis pushed too far technically which brought attention to their many faults. Carrie Ann feels the dance didn’t flow effortlessly, and Len sums up his thoughts in one word: “disappointing.” The judges give Priscilla & Louis a 21.

Perky Marissa & Tony hit the stage next, with a Samba. Marissa’s feeling motivated by last week’s higher scores, but worries about making her body do those sexy moves. To get into the spirit, she wears a giant peacock-feathered Brazilian headdress around the house when she practices. “I like to think of Tony and I as The Little Engine that Could,” she says. Carrie Ann says Marissa & Tony’s dance was the best so far, adding, “You were working it, girl!” Len likes the mix of steps and says their dance gave “more bounce to the ounce.” Bruno felt the dance was a little off in the beginning, but overall the scores are good, and Marissa & Tony rack up a 24.

Time for a romantic Rumba with Cristian & Cheryl. Cristian has a hard time being manly and soft at the same time and worries that his brother-sister relationship with Cheryl will mess up the chemistry necessary for a believable Rumba. “I hope my acting skills don’t let me down,” he says. Although Len criticizes Cristian’s arms for being “either too stiff or too soft,” he calls the performance “competent.” Bruno isn’t impressed with Cristian’s walk, but loved the chemistry between Cristian & Cheryl. Carrie Ann disagrees, saying the chemistry was missing and the dance was not erotic enough. Overall, the judges scored the dance a 23.

Next to Samba across the stage are Marlee & Fabian. Marlee’s goal this week is to inspire deaf children, so she and Fabian begin the week by traveling to Mexico to fit children in need with hearing aids. It’s emotional but Marlee feels motivated. It’s going to be a tough dance for Marlee, however, as the rhythm of the Samba changes and is fast. “It’s been a really frustrating week, but I’m hoping we can bring it all together tonight,” she says. Bruno calls the dance “very, very hot and sexy,” and “inspiring,” but points out that she lost the rhythm and stumbled throughout. Carrie Ann also points out Marlee’s stumbles, but calls her a “trooper” for not giving up. Len is impressed with Marlee’s abilities, given her limitations. “Well done,” he says. Marlee & Fabian score a 22.

Next up are Kristi & Mark with a Rumba. Kristi, a married mom of two daughters, feels awkward with the intense heat and romance of the dance, and creates an alter ego for herself to feel comfortable getting so close to Mark. She’s surprised by a visit from her husband and kids, who like the dance. “I might make a fool of myself, but it’s worth the risk,” she says. Carrie Ann commends Kristi for taking the risk, but says she sacrificed some of the movements for the emotion. Len applauds Kristi for “casting off her shackles of inhibition,” and adds, “Three words–fab-u-lous!” Bruno sums it up with one creative nickname: “Kristi Yum-u-licious!” Kristi & Mark grab a couple more tens, leaving them with a score of 29.

Shannon & Derek are up next. It’s another shaky week for Shannon, who had to practice with Jonathan again this morning as Derek was whisked away to the hospital–this time for a severe case of food poisoning. But Derek’s a tough guy and he joins his partner, Shannon, for a Rumba. Shannon, worries not so much about Derek’s illness as she does about the sexy moves. “When Derek does it, he looks great. When I do it, I look… weird,” she says. One thing Shannon & Derek have going for them, however, is chemistry… and lots of it. But the judges aren’t feeling it tonight. Len says, “As good as that was, it wasn’t–for me–good enough.” Bruno wants Shannon to use her body more: “You have to come out here and shake those maracas!” Carrie Ann loves Shannon’s ambition and fiery personality. The judges give Shannon & Derek a 23.

Finally, Jason & Edyta take the stage to perform a sexy Rumba. Jason has a hard time with soft hip movements, which is different than everything he was ever taught in football. He tries some of Edyta’s poses instead (yikes!). “I’m gonna go out there and give it my all,” he promises. Bruno says Jason has the look of a “Love God” on stage (Amen, Bruno!). Carrie Ann says Jason & Edyta “have the most insane chemistry on the dance floor.” But Len wasn’t loving the poses, though he does enjoy Jason’s “naturalness.” Jason & Edyta score a 27.

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Photo Courtesy: Kelsey McNeal/ABC

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One Response to “Dancing with the Stars: Kristi “Yum-u-licious” Snags More Tens!”

  1. filipinos Says:
    April 14th, 2008 at 9:50 pm

    Sorry to hear Derek got so sick today,heroic of him to dance. Our girl Kristi was good. cristians acting is about as good as his dancing-stumbling for smoothness and class. We noticed that he used better English when he spoke to Sam tonight, that tells us the thick Latin accent is an act also. Marlee did good considering the routine Fabian had for her, he should have been with her on every turn-danced more holding her than he did. Who do we want to see go?….cristian and burke!!!!


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