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No Sanjaya On American Idol This Year According To Michael Johns

April 14, 2008 05:39 PM by Joe Reality

FOXDuring American Idol 6, Sanjaya mania swept across America. In a season that was underwhelming in talent, Sanjaya’s hairstyles and unique performances kept viewers entertained.

Even though some may argue, recently eliminated American Idol finalist Michael Johns has gone on record claiming that season 7 is different from previous seasons. Johns said, “Of any season that I could have been on, to be a part of this one was just really special. The fact that there was no laughing stock, there were no jokers, do you know what I mean? I think we had a lot of respect in the public eye, and that’s something I can be very proud of.”

So what did Michael Johns mean by no jokers or no laughing stock? Johns explained, “As Simon says, the show is only as good as the talent that walks through the door. For some reason, the way that it worked this year was like they wanted it to be a singing competition rather than a TV show. Do you know what I mean? No controversy of Sanjaya or whoever else. They wanted to make it a really good singing competition, and I think that’s what they did. I applaud them for it.”

Michael Johns has a point. While Kristy Lee Cook has gained the support of many viewers who like to vote for the worst, she is a far cry from ponyhawk-sporting Sanjaya. In previous seasons of American Idol, there was usually a contestant who was so unique and different that viewers either loved them or hated them. However, the lack of such a contestant this year doesn’t necessarily make American Idol more interesting. There is something to be said for having a contestant who is so different that they create a massive controversy among viewers.

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