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RTV Predicts: Our Writers Predict the Week Ahead…

April 14, 2008 10:55 AM by Jennifer_Brown

Biggest-Loser-Courtesy-NBCWhether you love it or hate it, one thing’s for sure about it: reality TV gets people talking. That’s part of the fun of watching the shows â⬔ discussing the episodes of the past week and predicting what will happen in the week ahead. Another sure thing about reality TV: Our writers are watching. And we’re talking. And, yes, we’re predicting, too. We’ve asked our writers to make their predictions about the week ahead for your favorite shows (and ours, too!). Here’s what they said:

Joe, on American Idol:

1. Expect another elimination shocker for the second week in a row. Not quite as big a shocker as Michael Johns, but close.

2. Ryan Seacrest will offer up some type of apology over how he handled Michael Johns’ elimination in an attempt to repair his image with viewers.

3. David Cook will be back to his old self and will once again amaze the judges with a unique performance.

Jen, on Dancing with the Stars:

Okay, so now the obvious eliminations have been made. This week it’s time to make some tough decisions. Everyone who’s left is a pretty darn good dancer. There will still be some griping about trying to keep up with Kristi Yamaguchi, but this week she’ll pull out all stops and nobody will even come close. Probably Marissa will go home this week, while Shannon & Derek will look more like Prom Queen and King than ever (insert Awwww here).

Jen, on The Biggest Loser:

It’s finale week! Have you voted? For the first time ever, fans votes will help decide who could potentially win the big prize. Both guys are on the chopping block. I think fans will accept Mark’s last-minute turnaround of attitude and vote him in, cutting Roger out of the running. That will leave the final three Ali, Kelly, and Mark. Who will win? I predict Ali will take it (man, that girl is TINY now!), although they all deserve it (wouldn’t you agree?).

Jen, on The Bachelor:

Shayne and Matt will grow ever-closer, and he’ll have a hard time concentrating on the fact that there are other girls there. But don’t worry, Robin will make her presence known…and known…and known. Marshanna will let the claws come out this week, and may not survive the rose ceremony because of it.

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Photo Courtesy: NBC

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  1. Christine Fix Says:
    April 14th, 2008 at 1:35 pm

    Very exciting. I love the photo.


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