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The Bachelor Loves Cat Fights

April 14, 2008 08:43 PM by Christine McDow

the-bachelor-yellow-background.jpgOn tonight’s Bachelor: London Calling we were down to six women including Marshana, Robin Chelsea, Shayne, Noelle, Amanda. Chris comes into the house without a date box and informs them that there will be one group date, two one-on-one dates, and oh yeah…that they will be happening in Sun Valley where everyone will enjoy time skiing. The girls are excited, Noelle wishes it was going to be just the two of them and Shayne cannot wait to show Matt her “moves” in the snow. When the girls arrive Matt plays with all of them, throwing them in the snow and having fun before he takes them to their cabin.

Before he leaves Matt lets the ladies know that he will see one of them later and Robin hopes she gets the one-on-one time that night. When the box arrives Marshana gets up to get it and reads that it is going to be a private, winter wonderland sleigh ride for Chelsea. Robin doesn’t look happy.

Matt makes it clear that his mission is to pick the four best girls for hometown dates. While out with Chelsea she states that she loves that Matt is sarcastic. Matt tells her that he wants to find out if there is more than “best friends”, that he wants to see if there is romance between them. Chelsea admits that she has a hand holding phobia, Matt thinks that Chelsea struggles with affection.

Matt tells Chelsea that he is trying to find the romance and loves her sense of humor. He also tells her that he digs her, his parents would love her, and that he wants to kiss her. Chelsea realizes that she needs to show her vulnerable side to him so she creates her own fantasy suite card. She invites herself to his place and he accepts, he hopes they are on the road to romance. In the suite Chelsea moves in for the kiss and the door shuts.

Back at the house the date box comes for Robin, Marshana, Shayne and Amanda to have a skiing group date. Noelle gets the one-on-one date and Robin is upset that he didn’t give it to her.

The group goes skiing and Marshana doesn’t have a clue how to ski and keeps falling. She is upset that she spent so much time focusing on standing up, not spending time with Matt. Shayne and Matt ride the lift and kissed all the way up. Shayne showed him her moves on the snowboard and they fall in the snow to make out. Shayne then pulls out all her makeup which cracks up Matt, she says that she has to look fabulous for him.

Robin snowboards down and interrupts them, Shayne is pissed because Robin always interrupts everyone’s dates. Robin wants to know why she did not get the one-on-one, he said that he felt that they had a close connection already and he didn’t need the one on one with her. He figured she would know that already and she was happy with his answer.

Afterwards they go to a hot tub in the snow, Amanda takes him aside to spend time alone with him. Amanda tells him that it will be a culture shock to go to her home town, that her parents live in a double wide and they will cook him possum…they kiss.

Noelle says it is awkward to be getting her date box from Chelsea. The date is going to consist of drinking hot cocoa and going ice skating. Matt feels in his gut that they could have a good connection and wants to prove that. Noelle plans on opening up and letting down all her guards, thinks skating was so much fun because they were both horrible. While on the ice the pair discuss their accidents that led to their scars. He wonders if she is scared to try things like ice skating and she said no, that the accident made her excited about experimenting new things. They go to a cabin and talk about the fact that she has no roots and can move and live anywhere. She tells him that introducing him to her parents is a big deal. Noelle finally opens up after waiting until Matt let her know it was safe to do so. They kiss…

Other 5 girls discuss getting one of the 4 roses. Marshana states that she sees how Matt lives and she wants him to see how she lives. Robin calls her on it because she has never been to London. Robin asks her if she thinks this is his everyday life. Chelsea interrupts and says that Marshana has been negative from day one and they get in an argument. Chelsea says that Marshana seems miserable, Chelsea says she doesn’t need to talk about it and Marshana gets in her face. Robin agrees that Marshana doesn’t listen to anyone. Marshana is shocked that the girls think she is negative and she sees herself as a great, lovable, charitable person.

Finally Matt is in the same room with all the women again. Marshanna corners Matt first and Chelsea admits that she is afraid that Marshana is going to bring up the fight. Marshana tells Matt everything that happened, and states that she felt like her character was being attacked and that she thought she had the right to defend herself, He tells her he is impressed that she has gotten through the evening this far.

Chelsea interrupts Marshana talking about going to Brooklyn and asks to talk to Matt alone. Finally, Marshana leaves, sad that she didn’t get one more kiss. Chelsea says that Matt would love her family and can’t wait to take him home to meet them. Matt tells her that he wants to be able to hold hands and that he wants to know that she can deal with romance. Chelsea thought she did a good job telling him how she felt and he kissed her.

Matt and Robin talk about Michigan and when they know the house is looking at Robin double dog dares him to kiss her.

Then Shayne goes out to talk to Matt. She tells him that she wants him to meet her family because she wants them to vouch for her. Shayne wants him to know her. They kiss.

Finally the night comes to an end when Chris interrupts saying it is time for the rose ceremony.

Roses go to:
Shayne (happy he chose her first)

Robin and Marshana go home. Both are in shock although Marshana takes it better than Robin. She states that she gave all she could and that there is nothing left for her to do but go home 100% the lady that she came into the house as. Robin is very shocked, tells him “Bon Soir” and walks out. Didn’t talk to him other than that…cries on the camera outside of the house saying he made a big mistake.

Be sure to tune in next week to see all the laughter and hygienics as Matt is taken way out of his element on the hometown dates.

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