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Big Brother 9: Adam Wins Veto, Natalie Nominated!

April 15, 2008 07:50 PM by Ryan Haidet

bb9-natalie-cast-photo-resized.jpgTonight’s episode was filled with a lot of predictable, and yet, boring strategy. For starters, the house was secretly plotting to backdoor Natalie. Sheila, the current Head Of Household, had nominated Adam and Sharon for eviction with the intent that anybody but Natalie would win the Power Of Veto. They would yank one player off the chopping block and put Natalie up in their place.

As Ryan and Adam were downstairs, they noticed a message on their living room message screen – the POV competition was to be held that night. The whole house was shocked and nervous about it because none of them wanted Natalie to win.

One at a time, each houseguest went outside to take their turn in the competition, Natalie first. There was a giant television made up of nine screens. The goal was to complete a puzzle on the giant TV by changing the channels to make a whole picture out of the nine screens. As each player took their turn, most got the hang of it rather quickly, but not Sheila. She took forever and kept making mistakes and googling over Evel Dick in some of the pictures.

After everybody finished, the houseguests congregated to find out who had won. Sheila took the longest at 15:30. Adam, won the veto after completing the puzzle in a fast 3:20. So far, the plan to backdoor Natalie was heading in the right direction and she had no idea she was the target. But Natalie told Ryan that she knew she would be the replacement nominee after Adam pulled himself off the chopping block. She was prepared for that.

Natalie also started to feel uncomfortable with the amount of time Sharon and Sheila were spending together. So Natalie asked her about it. Sheila, without hesitation, told Chatty Natty that she was going up on the block as the replacement nominee. Sheila did lie to her, however, when she said that she had nothing to worry about. But it’s Big Brother – everybody lies.

And something other than strategy in this episode – it was Sheila’s birthday and the houseguests decided to celebrate. They set up decorations outside and surprised the birthday gal who received a letter from her mom. Sheila said her relationship with her mother wasn’t the greatest and the last time she had talked to her was on Thanksgiving. But after the game, she said she wants to get out of the house and have a decent bond with her.

Not long before the veto ceremony, Sheila continued to campaign to Ryan and Adam that Natalie needed to go. She was worried that one of them would switch up their vote and evict Sharon. But that’s getting ahead of things. First, it was time for the veto meeting. Adam, of course, pulled himself off the block and Sheila nominated Natalie. The funny thing, Sheila said this was the hardest thing she had to do in the house. Is it just me or does it seem every move she makes is the most difficult thing she’s done in the game? Will the houseguests get rid of their intended target?

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