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Dancing with the Stars: More Cute Kids and Priscilla is Eliminated!

April 15, 2008 08:30 PM by Jennifer_Brown

DWTS-Results-Show-Courtesy-KelseyMcNeal-ABCWe catch up with the celebs off stage, just after last night’s performances. For most, backstage is emotional, the stars either celebrating or sniffling. Here’s how the stars ranked after last night’s routines:

8th place: Priscilla & Louis. “It’s like your worst nightmare,” Priscilla says.

7th place: Marlee & Fabian. “I’m sorry, Fabian,” Marlee says, crying.

5th place (tie): Cristian & Cheryl. “More chemistry would be illegal,” Cristian says.

5th place (tie): Shannon & Derek. Shannon, too, is crying: “I couldn’t go out there and do it any better than I did it.”

4th place: Marissa & Tony. “That was fun! I felt sexy!” Marissa cheers. “It was amazing!”

2nd place (tie): Jason AKA: “The Love God” & Edyta.

2nd place (tie): Mario & Karina. “I’m on cloud 13 right now,” Mario says, adding that if they ever receive three 10s, he will “weep.”

1st place: Kristi & Mark.

It comes as no surprise that the encore dance goes to Kristi & Mark, whose Rumba rocked the house last night. Afterwards, backstage, Samantha Harris chats with Marlee and Shannon. Shannon, still looking sad, reports that she feels as if she has done the best she can do. Marlee says she’s not going to leave frustrated (if she goes home tonight) no matter what.

It’s time for the second installment of the Ballroom Kids competition. Tonight the 10 & unders are taking the stage. First up are Dmitriy (10) & Michelle (10), dancing the Jive. “We’ve worked really hard. This is going to be our best Jive ever!” Michelle says. Len calls the dance “full of energy. Bruno praises the kids for not letting their nerves show, calls the dance “technically very precise,” and says they have star quality. Carrie Ann adds a “sassy” and “exciting” to the pot.

Dmitriy & Michelle’s competitors, dancing a Cha Cha Cha, are Jaryd (10) & Cara (8). “We want to win Dancing with the Stars and make our parents proud,” Jaryd says. Bruno says Jaryd & Cara are the “cutest little gremlins” he’s ever seen. Carrie Ann reports that they bring “a lot of joy” to the stage. Len says, “The whole package was fantastic!” The judges vote and give the win to Jaryd & Cara. They will be back later in the season to perform again.

Tonight’s singing talent is off the hook! First an energetic performance by Grammy-winner Ozomatli, and then a haunting and beautiful performance from Grammy-nominated James Blunt. Both routines were, of course, accompanied by amazing dance routines performed by Dancing’s pros.

But before we know it, it’s time to get down to the eliminations. Throughout the night, Tom and Samantha have whittled it down to a bottom two: Cristian & Cheryl, and Priscilla & Louis. The couple going home tonight is… Priscilla & Louis.

“This has been an incredible experience,” Priscilla says. “It’s been life-changing. I learned so much about myself and all that I can do.”

Before Priscilla takes the stage for her farewell dance, she takes a minute to clear up something with viewers: she does NOT have a psychic hotline, so you can stop calling ABC asking for the number now (It was an April Fools joke, people…).

As an extra bonus, you can now read all of our Dancing with the Stars Cast Bios!

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Photo Courtesy: Kelsey McNeal/ABC

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One Response to “Dancing with the Stars: More Cute Kids and Priscilla is Eliminated!”

  1. filipinos Says:
    April 16th, 2008 at 5:41 pm

    delaburke missing the point about not having enough chemistry, they have enough but it is not believable because they are ‘out to lunch’ mentally. they are in the building but both are like robots, something is missing…maybe too many late nights at Hyde and Villa? whatever…Kristi,Jason,Mario and Marlee-doing great…


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