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Hell’s Kitchen Jason Jumps Ship!

April 15, 2008 08:30 PM by Lisa Stauber

Jason Underwood on Hell's KitchenLast week on Hell’s Kitchen, Corey betrayed her teammates by selecting two of the strongest performers – Jen and Christina – for elimination. Chef Ramsay disagreed, and sent Sharon packing instead. This week’s episode starts off with an angry Jen and an expletive laced rant. “You ain’t gonna get rid of me! Not that easy!” she fumes. Christina can’t do much more than cry. “You threw me under the bus!” she sobs.

Corey, however, is quite pleased with herself, hanging out with the guys. The Blue Boys don’t return her friendliness. “I think Corey has some evil tendencies,” Petrozza says.

A good night’s sleep should help the contestants calm down. Unfortunately, they are awakened by a houseful of chickens and Chef Ramsay with a meat cleaver. After each chef manages to chase down a bird, he tells them he’s going to demonstrate how to cut up a chicken. Fortunately, he chooses birds that have already been killed and plucked, letting the chefs put their new feathered friends back in the pen.

Each team has 5 minutes to cut a chicken into 8 portions. Jason’s sure the guys on the Blue team will win. “Butchering meat? That’s what men do.” The girls start out strong, though – only Jen and Shayna don’t get perfect scores. The guys seem to be keeping up, until they get to Craig’s offering. Chef Ramsay only passes two of his eight pieces, making the Blue team automatically lose.

Their punishment? They’ll be working on a farm picking peppers, while the Red team moseys on down to the famous Saddle Ranch Restaurant. The girls are greeted by season 3 contender Aaron, who promises not to cry this time, and they have an impromptu strategy session on the best way to take the guys down.

Back at the house, the girls put their plan into action. They don bikinis and coo to Ben to join them in the hot tub. Ben’s too smart for their tricks. “Corey puts a bad taste in my mouth.” Jason hops right in to their trap, though. The girls ply him with food and beer, and he spills his guts about his Blue teammates. Ben is furious. “If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a rat!” he snarls.

Time for service, and because the boys lost the challenge, they’ll be a man short in the kitchen. Chef Ramsay assigns Bobby to serve up a special chicken entrÃe tableside. Jean-Philippe will be handling the dining room cooking for the girls, though, leaving them with a full complement on the line.

“Jason, you’re on desserts,” Ramsay barks. “What are they?” It’s another menu faux pas, and Jason can’t name off the dishes. He’s sent away to memorize them, and now the blue team is two men down.

Christina starts off the hot appetizers for the Red team, and Craig’s got the starters for the Blue. Craig isn’t exactly the best communicator, and he and Matt butt heads. Meanwhile, the girls start putting out food. Petrozza gets a rare compliment from Ramsay, who says his food “looks beautiful.”

Craig screws up the bacon, and Ramsay opts to actually send an order out incomplete. Louross goes upstairs to get Jason into the kitchen – the Blues need all the help they can get! Jason tells Ramsay he just can’t do it – he’s ready to quit. Ramsay coaches him a bit, and Jason manages to remember the dessert menu. Too bad he can’t cook it!

The red team has hit a snag. Vanessa can’t get the steaks right. First she sends them out raw, then she actually sets the kitchen on fire. Ramsay’s livid, but doesn’t shut her down. The Red girls start really struggling with the entrees, but they’re not the only ones. Ben is having issues with the salmon. First, he burns it, and then he tries to pass it off raw.

Jason starts on desserts, but the soufflÃs aren’t rising. “I don’t know what’s wrong,” he says. “I don’t know desserts.”

Finally, Ramsay’s had enough. “Pathetic!” he yells, and when the kitchen shuts down he’s unable to declare anyone a winner. He picks Christina as the best of the Red team, and allows her to choose one teammate for elimination. Petrozza is the best of the Blues, and he gets a pick as well.

The guys beg Christina to nominate Corey – it seems no one likes her. Christina decides to keep her enemies close, though, and puts Vanessa up instead. “The meat station went down in flames. Literally.” Christina says by way of explanation. Petrozza’s conflicted. Should he put up Craig, who lost the challenge for them and wrecked the starters, or Jason, who barely made it into the kitchen in time to mess up dessert? Petrozza goes with Jason.

Vanessa.” Ramsay intones, then changes gears. “You, madame, have got another chance.”

“You gave up before we even started tonight,” Ramsay tells Jason. “Game over.” Jason muses that he should have cried like a girl, then decides to get drunk. I think a lot more of the chefs will be drinking next week – it’s going to be family night, complete with kids!

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Photo courtesy Fox/ Patrick Ecclesine

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