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American Idol Results: Kristy Lee Cook Eliminated

April 16, 2008 07:07 PM by Joe Reality

Kristy Lee CookTo kick off the American Idol top 7 results show, Ryan Seacrest revealed that almost 36 million votes were cast for the remaining American Idol finalists. For the first musical performance, the top 7 finalists sang “One Sweet Day.”

After a recap of the American Idol top 7 performance show, Ryan Seacrest started dividing the finalists into two groups on stage. Seacrest started a group with Jason Castro and Carly Smithson on his left and a group with David Cook and Kristy Lee Cook on his right.

For the Ford Music video, the American Idol finalists performed “I Want To Break Free.” American Idol 5 finalist Elliott Yamin made a special guest appearance and sang “Free.” After Elliott Yamin’s performance, Seacrest asked Syesha Mercado to join Jason and Carly and asked Brook White to join David and Kristy Lee.

In an American Idol call-in segment, a viewer asked Kristy Lee Cook if she was able to buy her horse back. Kristy Lee Cook said that the guy who bought the horse didn’t want to sell it back. Another viewer asked the judges what the first record they ever bought was, and Simon Cowell said, “I was ten years old, and it was Paula Abdul’s Straight Up.”

Mariah Carey sang “Bye Bye” from her new album “E=MC.” After Mariah Carey’s performance, Seacrest called David Archuleta to center stage and told him that he was safe. Then, Seacrest asked David Cook to swap groups with Syesha Mercado.

Seacrest asked David Archuleta to join the group that he thought was safe, but Archuleta sat down in the middle of the stage. Since Archuleta wouldn’t make a decision, Seacrest revealed that David Cook, Jason Castro, and Carly Smithson were the safe group.

Syesha Mercado, Brooke White, and Kristy Lee Cook took center stage as the bottom three. Seacrest revealed that Syesha was safe and would be joining them next week. After talking with the judges, Seacrest announced, “After the nationwide vote, the person staying with us is Brooke. Kristy Lee Cook leaves us tonight on American Idol.” To close out the show, Kristy Lee Cook sang an encore of “Forever.”

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One Response to “American Idol Results: Kristy Lee Cook Eliminated”

  1. jimifunguzz Says:
    April 16th, 2008 at 8:47 pm

    That was the funniest thing when David Archuleta sat down in the middle of the stage. I am surprised Saturday Night Live or someone hasn’t done some kind of a parody of these American Idol elimination shows. Ya know, the guy playing Ryan Seacrest could say, “Ok, Brooke White, you stand in the center circle, raise your right hand, stand on your left foot and rub your tummy in a circular motion with your one free hand….David Castro, I’m gonna put this blindfold on your face, i’m gonna twist you in a circle, hand you this donkey tail, and you try to pin it on Simon’s forehead…” But seriously folks, I felt the tone of Kristy Lee’s song is what got her sent home…You sing something like “those days are gone..our time is through” it is a self-fullfilling prophecy that you will be sent home. Well, anyhow, there are more good articles about American Idol at jviz.blogspot.com


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