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Big Brother 9: Natalie Evicted! Ryan Wins HOH!

April 16, 2008 08:20 PM by Ryan Haidet

bb9-natalie-cast-photo-resized1.jpgTonight marked week 10 for the remaining five houseguests in the Big Brother house. The plan this week after Sheila won Head Of Household was to backdoor Natalie. It appeared like that’s what was going to happen after Adam won the Power Of Veto and pulled himself off of the chopping block.

With only five players left, only two people, Ryan and Adam, were eligible to vote. In a very cocky move, they called a house meeting to discuss the game. Natalie didn’t want to go out to the kitchen table and be a part of it because she was coloring her hair. But that didn’t stop the arrogance. Ryan and Adam took it to her. In front of the entire house, Ryan asked Natalie about her doubletalk after he heard she was playing both sides. He wanted to know where her loyalties were. Natalie told them that her true alliance remained with the men and if she won HOH next week, she would nominate Sheila for eviction. This meeting showed Sheila a lot – that her plan to backdoor Natalie wasn’t looking good.

After the meeting, the two men went to Natalie alone and she was brought to tears saying she never had any intentions of turning on them. Either she was really desperate or telling the truth. But in a game like Big Brother, who knows?

Up in the HOH bedroom, Sheila questioned the guys on why they were considering keeping the target. They all ended up getting in a fight and Adam called Sheila a bi**h. At that, she kicked them both out of her room.

Then in a break from the strategy of tonight’s elimination, viewers got to pay a visit at the jury house to see how the three players there (Matt, Chelsia, Joshuah) reacted to the arrival of James. Matt was happy to see him since he was the person who took him out of the game. Chelsia was upset because she wanted him to win. But James was kind of nasty after they got to see the DVD of what had happened in the house that week. He said the reason he was targeted so hard was because of the way Chelsia talked as she was evicted. Chelsia left the room and was very upset that she might have been the reason he was eliminated.

Back to the house, it was time for the live eviction. Each player was given the chance to plead their case. Sharon, obviously getting used to doing it, said the same thing she says each week. Then Natalie stood up and begged the men to keep her safe saying her loyalties were with them. One at a time, Ryan and Adam each went into the Diary Room and announced who they wanted to evict. The two split their votes with Ryan going after Natalie, Adam taking out Sharon. In a tie, the current HOH decides who gets evicted. Sheila stood up and evicted Natalie. The plan worked out after all.

After the eviction, it was time to give the power of HOH to another houseguest. The three competitors, Ryan, Adam and Sharon squared off in battle of fact vs. fiction. Host Julie Chen asked a series of questions that were strictly guesses of true vs. false based on events relating to the game. Sharon had the lead the whole time until the final question when Ryan tied it up. That question asked if there was another pre-existing relationship still in the house. When the game began, there were two (Sharon and Jacob, Ryan and Jen). The answer appeared to be false, but Ryan guessed true and he was right. How could that be so? The answer? Hold onto your hats because it’s absolutely misleading and ridiculous. The other pre-existing relationship (cited at the bottom of the screen and not revealed to the contestants) are the guinea pigs. Oh please! Sharon, by all means should be the one in the HOH bedroom this week based on her answers in the competition. But, after Ryan won the tiebreaker question, he was given the power for the week.

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  1. evanmarsh Says:
    April 17th, 2008 at 5:34 am

    That was soo stupid question with the guinny pigs!they should redo that hoh for being a stupid dumbass show that cant ask great questions to save their lives


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