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American Idol Finalist Kristy Lee Cook Found It Tough In The Bottom Three

April 18, 2008 04:21 PM by Joe Reality

Kristy Lee Cook, Brooke White, Syesha MercadoDuring her American Idol run, Kristy Lee Cook found herself in the bottom three on multiple occasions. When asked how all those trips to the bottom three felt, Kristy Lee said, “It’s been kind of tough being in the bottom three, but I kind of – with the first few times, I kind of built up a stamina for it and kind of got a little tougher each time, and finally, kind of learned how to control the emotions that were coming from the whole situation.”

Kristy Lee continued, “But specifically, for this last time, it was definitely nerve-wracking because none of us knew what was going on and how they were separating the groups and kind of sending us all different kinds of – over to different sides of the stage. And standing with David Cook, it was kind of – it was kind of like – we didn’t know if we were safe, or if we weren’t safe. And we knew David Archuleta was still in the back, and it was just like a whole whirlwind of things going on, and we really didn’t know. But it was definitely a shock for me to go home. I wish I wouldn’t have left so soon. I wanted to make top five, but I am happy that Brooke’s still in the competition because she’s one of my best friends.”

Even though Kristy Lee Cook struggled early in the competition, she had shown definite signs of improvement. In fact, her most recent performances had been widely regarded as some of her best in the competition. When asked if it made it tougher to be eliminated right after she started hitting her stride, Kristy Lee responded, “It definitely did. I was kind of upset that I went just because I thought that I had been getting stronger and stronger, and I thought this was my best performance, and it was vocally more than what I’ve given in the show so far, and I connected emotionally with the song. And so I thought it was my best performance so far, so I was a little disappointed to go this soon because I thought I at least had another week in me.”

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