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Big Brother 9: Sheila & Sharon Nominated!

April 20, 2008 06:26 PM by Ryan Haidet

bb9-sheila-resized-cast-photo.jpgLast week, after Sheila made the tiebreaking vote, Natalie was evicted from the house leaving only four competitors. The tie was done on purpose with the plan that Ryan nor Adam would admit who voted which way. But Adam whispered to Natalie just moments before she walked out the door that he had voted in support of her. Problem is that his ally, Ryan, saw him do it.

After Natalie walked out of the house, Ryan immediately brought up Adam’s loose lips asking him why he spilled the beans on who voted which way. Adam denied the allegations to Ryan, but in a Diary Room confessional admitted that he was guilty.

Then it came to the Head Of Household competition, which Ryan won after a tiebreaking question. But one of the fact vs. fiction questions had puzzled the houseguests. Host Julie Chen asked if it was fact or fiction that there was another pre-existing relationship still in the house. Of course there wasn’t – at least with human beings. The very misleading (and unfair) answer, not revealed to the houseguests, was that it was a fact the guinea pigs had a pre-existing relationship. But this, obviously in Big Brother’s plan to screw with the heads of the final four, had everybody questioning Sheila and who she might be related to in the house – even unknowingly. Was Ryan her nephew? Was Sharon her daughter? None of those were true, but Adam and Ryan were suspicious.

After Ryan saw his new HOH bedroom and read his letter from his girlfriend Jen, it was time for a luxury competition. Paired into teams of two – Ryan/Sharon against Adam/Sheila – the contestants were battling to win an advanced screening of the upcoming flick “What Happens in Vegas” starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz. But that wasn’t all. The winners would also get to go to the red carpet premiere in Los Angeles on May 1, a ticket to the after party to mingle with the stars and a shopping spree. The losers also won something – the right to be shackled together for a full 24 hours after the nomination ceremony. There was definitely a lot at stake.

bb9-sharon-cast-photo-resized1.jpgThe goal was to smash candy-glass bottles over each other’s heads looking for rings with dice on them. Each time one was found, it was placed on a board with nine different images. After all nine images were covered with a team’s ring, a wheel with the same symbols would be spun. The team whose image was spun to and marked on the board with one of their rings would win it all. After the smashing competition, Ryan and Sharon had six symbols marked against Adam and Sheila’s three. The wheel was spun and the win went to Ryan and Sharon.

Not long after, the two went outside for a late-night drive-in style screening of the new movie. Then viewers were treated to watching two people watch a movie – what fun (blech). It was essentially a giant ad for the movie at Big Brother’s expense. Thank goodness that was short-lived.

Nominations were looming and Sharon, who has a secret alliance with Ryan, went up to the HOH bedroom and told him that Adam couldn’t be trusted. Ryan agreed, especially after Adam whispered to Natalie that he voted to keep her. It finally arrived for Ryan to choose who to nominate for eviction. With only four competitors left, only one person would be voting this week, meaning only one would be safe from eviction. The final four congregated at their ever-shrinking table and it was revealed that Ryan spared Adam, nominating the two remaining ladies. Sheila was brought to tears and then shackled to Adam for a day that will likely be hilarious to watch.

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