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Former American Idol Host Suggests Show Could Be Fixed

April 20, 2008 06:29 PM by Joe Reality

Brian DunklemanOnce upon a time, American Idol had two hosts. In addition to current host Ryan Seacrest, Brian Dunkleman co-hosted the show during its first season. While Brian Dunkleman faded into obscurity after his departure from what would become the biggest show on television, he is now attempting to return to the public eye by appearing on Celebrity Fit Club.

In an interview on the Adam Carolla show, Brian Dunkleman didn’t hold back in letting his opinions be known on American Idol. When asked if American Idol is fixed, Dunkleman said, “Maybe, I was told that second season finale there was a reason why there were three different vote differentials read off between Ruben and Clay,three thousand, thirty thousand, three-hundred thousand. Was it because Ryan was on cold medication? Or maybe is that because they didn’t get their stories straight? This is just hearsay. This is what I heard.”

When asked if his assertion was that even though Ruben won that maybe Clay got more of the popular vote, Brian Dunkleman replied, “That’s just something I heard. Again, not stating facts, opinions.” When asked about his source, Brian Dunkleman didn’t give a name but said it was someone who “might have worked on the show.”

Dunkleman also questioned Sanjaya’s run on the show and the convenient timing of his elimination right before Idol Gives Back. In regards to Sanjaya, Dunkleman said, “I loved it that Howard Stern thought he was keeping Sanjaya on. That’s what was going on, voter tampering, computerized dialing. You know how they decide who’s going off the show? They write a name on a piece of paper, and they hand it to us. Here read this.”

In regards to Constantine Maroulis’ surprise elimination, Dunkleman said, “You know what happened. People thought he was safe. I bet, because that’s the mentality of a fourteen year old girl. This is the kid I love, I want him to win, but you know what, he’s going to get through this week, I’m going to vote for somebody else I really don’t care for.”

In regards to his relationship with Ryan Seacrest, Brian Dunkleman revealed, “He didn’t like me, I didn’t like him. We didn’t get along.” Dunkleman went on to explain that Seacrest would freestyle when he was supposed to read off the teleprompter, which left Dunkleman without the setup for his jokes. Dunkelman also revealed that some scenes from at least the first season of American Idol were re-enacted for the cameras.

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