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Dancing with the Stars: Len Threatens to Show His Bum!

April 21, 2008 08:57 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Dancing-with-the-Stars-Cristian/Cheryl-Courtesy-KelseyMcNeal-ABCOn this sixth week of Dancing with the Stars, the celebs will, for the first time, be taking on two dances in hopes to impress judges and viewers alike. First, each celeb will dance with his or her pro partner any dance they have not yet performed. And then the stars all take to the stage together for a wild west hoedown.

First up tonight are Jason & Edyta, dancing a Cha Cha Cha. Jason, who gets nervous when he’s not able to hide behind Edyta while dancing, gets a little freestyle 101 from choreographer Sho-Tyme. Does his effort to be more comfy in the limelight work? Len says Jason captured the flavor of the dance. Bruno mentions that the timing and the footwork were occasionally a little iffy, but calls the dance “cheeky” and “flamboyant.” He adds, “I like to see you more exposed!” Carrie Ann’s not feeling so generous tonight. She once again picks on Jason for his poor arm performance, saying she wants to see bigger moves out of him. Jason & Edyta’s Cha Cha Cha scores a 24 with the judges.

Next are Shannon & Derek with a sexy Rumba. Shannon’s emotional this week, after last week’s rough scoring Samba. Shannon admits that the worst part about the thought of going home would be no longer seeing Derek. Derek brings her flowers to rehearsal and then takes her out to the beach with a hula hoop to work on those hips. Bruno likes the dance, saying, “You were sizzling!” Carrie Ann says Shannon has “great potential,” but at this point in the competition they need to be looking beyond potential. Len liked the start of the dance, and liked the chemistry between Shannon & Derek. Shannon & Derek pull a 24 from the judges as well.

Next up are Marlee & Fabian. Fabian was the World Mambo Champion in 2006, so it’s a given that they’re going to try a Mambo. Marlee, who’s still feeling stung after last week’s performance, calls in her good friend Henry Winkler to, in her words, “give me a good kick in the butt.” The Fonze gives Marlee a heart-to-heart: “I know your spirit, Marlee. Your spirit is intense. Your spirit is on fire!” Carrie Ann gives Marlee props for looking amazing, but the dance looked forced and struggling. Len calls Marlee “a real inspiration,” but agrees that the dance looked uncomfortable. Bruno adds that it’s “life-affirming” to watch Marlee dance. The judges score the dance a 21.

Cristian & Cheryl are up next with a Foxtrot. Cristian, who’s determined to become “Frederico Astaire,” claims, “This week we’re coming back!” In rehearsal, Cristian’s biggest challenge is his arms, so Cheryl takes him to the swimming pool to work on fluidity. Len’s take on Cristian & Cheryl’s Foxtrot? “If you’re in the bottom two tomorrow, I’ll show my bum in the supermarket!” Len says. Bruno says Cristian was “at his dashing best!” and Carrie Ann called the dance “refined.” Cristian goes away with a new nickname: Cristian de la Foxtrot! The judges give Cristian & Cheryl a 27.

Up next, with a Viennese Waltz, are Marissa & Tony. Marissa has a hard time in rehearsal getting into Princess Mode, especially since all that spinning makes her dizzy. Tony responds by taking her to a spinning class, where she clings to a giant hoop hanging from the ceiling and spins her heart out. Bruno calls their Waltz “all light and frothy.” Carrie Ann says she’s “on the Winokur Wave!” And Len says Marissa came out like “a true princess.” Marissa & Tony’s Viennese Waltz score them a 26 (Marissa does much squealing, clapping, and jumping up and down at the sight of a 9).

Front runners Kristi & Mark take the stage next, ready to dance the Jive. During the week, the couple has fun performing for Tiger Jam, Tiger Woods’ annual charity event, but when it comes to the Jive, they’re all business. Kristi reveals that she was born with Club Feet, and had to overcome that obstacle to make her Olympic dreams come true. They dance an amazing Jive that has Carrie Ann giving a standing ovation. “Hell yeah!” Carrie Ann cheers, adding that this was her favorite dance of the season. Len, who compares the dance to a bull fight, calls it a “smÃrgÃsbord of dance.” Bruno says their Jive is “top-notch, high definition entertainment!” Kristi & Mark collect the first perfect score of the season–all tens, for a total of 30!

The final dance of the night is a Rumba with Mario & Karina. Mario, who is very close to his family and takes his role as role model seriously, calls his little brother Ray for pointers on the dance ahead. In that light, he dedicates tonight’s Rumba to Ray. Len says the dance is a “good job,” but criticizes Mario for being too raunchy, saying his Rumba was more like watching a “strumpet and a gigolo.” Bruno disagrees, calling Len “crusty,” and giving Mario a big fat “fabulous!” Carrie Ann says the dance “was better than good sex.” But, she warns, she will have to dock him for an illegal lift. In the end, Mario & Karina’s Rumba scored a 28 with the judges.

After all of the pairs have had their shot in the spotlight, the entire group comes together to dance a wild west piece choreographed by Christian Perry. It’s the peacekeepers vs. the outlaws, to the tune of Cotton-Eyed Joe. Bruno says the dance wasn’t always in perfect synch, but it got there in the end. Carrie Ann liked the strong women in the piece. Len calls it “fun” and calls out Jason for an impressive lift. But the judges won’t be scoring this dance. That honor goes to viewers.

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Photo Courtesy: Kelsey McNeal/ABC

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