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Is it Showmance for Dancing with the Stars’ Shannon & Derek?

April 21, 2008 09:31 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Shannon-Derek-Courtesy-KelseyMcNeal-ABCViewers of this season’s Dancing with the Stars might have noticed a little something in the goo-goo eye department on the faces of one particular pair of dancers. There have been grumbles and questions: are Shannon & Derek starting to fall for one another?

In tonight’s episode, host Samantha Harris, who grilled the couple previously about a kiss during a dance, once again cornered the fresh-face actress and the male half of Team Hough, asking Shannon & Derek what exactly is up with their relationship.

On tape before tonight’s dance, Shannon had revealed that the thing that worried her most about being sent home was the possibility that she wouldn’t see Derek anymore. Indeed, the couple seems to have gotten very close, especially apparent later in the taped footage, as the two take to the beach to rehearse for tonight’s dance, and look quite comfy frolicking in the sand.

After the pair performed tonight’s sexy chemistry-laden Rumba, Samantha questioned them about their chemistry–how much is for the stage and how much is real? Shannon seemed flustered, offering a somewhat-cagey answer: “We’re just having a lot of fun working together every day and learning…” she says. When Samantha presses Shannon, the actress simply repeats, “We’re just…just working on our dances and learning.”

But Derek’s answers left even more questions. “We’re serious about the routines, ya know,” he said. “We want to get into the character of the dance.”

Samantha took her opening and ran with it, asking, to many hoots and hollers from the crowd, “You guys have become very close. How close have you become?”

Shannon again looked flustered by the question, and once again Derek offered a teasing response. “We went to the beach and we got into character. What can we say?” he said, smiling.

So is it showmance or romance for Shannon & Derek? They’re definitely not saying, but you have to admit–they’re adorable together on (and off) the stage.

Photo Courtesy: Kelsey McNeal/ABC

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