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RTV Predicts: Our Writers’ Take on the Week Ahead…

April 21, 2008 05:55 AM by Jennifer_Brown

the-bachelor-yellow-background.jpgWho will be in and who will be out? Who will stay and who will go? Who will survive and who will live to dance another day? Who will be fired? Our writers have been watching all of your favorite shows and have made their predictions for the reality TV week ahead.

Joe, on American Idol:

1. Another girl will be eliminated from American idol this week.

2. Simon Cowell will start comparing how the Davids do against each other, because he thinks it will come down to the two Davids at the end.

3. Paula Abdul will make her wackiest comment of the season so far, because she’s overdue.

Jen, on American Idol:

We will hear the word “safe” in reference to the performances at least once this week. Paula will wear a piece of jewelry the size of a toaster. Both of the Davids will whip the crowd into a frenzy, as will Brooke White, as people fear last week’s close call might mean she’s going home. A girl will go home this week.

Jen, on The Bachelor:

After the wacky grandma who put Bachelor Brad to the test last season, it will be irresistible for the show to find an off-the-wall relative for Matt this season. As he goes home to meet the girls’ families, there will be some major uncomfy moments. He’ll find himself oddly at home with Noelle’s family, but will feel weird with Shayne’s. BUT… The Bold and the Beautiful fans will be happy to get a glimpse of an old soap favorite, Hector Ramirez (Lorenzo Lamas)!

Jen, on Dancing with the Stars:

I’m thinking this week Dancing is due for a little shake-up. We can’t let Kristi sweep the entire show, can we? Jason’s going to creep into her winner’s circle this week and maybe bump her to (*gasp!*) the number two spot. Mario will give an amazing performance this week as well. Cristian and Marissa will end up in the bottom two this week, with Cristian going home.

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