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The Bachelor Meets Mom and Dad

April 21, 2008 08:45 PM by Christine McDow

Tonight’s Bachelor found Matt off visiting hometowns of the remaining women and meeting their families. We were promised excitement and excitement is what was delivered.

shayne-face-shot.jpgFirst Matt headed off to Los Angeles for a chance to impress Shayne’s parents. They both seemed a bit nervous as they waited for her father, Lorenzo Lamas to arrive. Shayne spent the time coaching Matt on how to pronounce correctly her father’s name. They both agree that if the family and the man don’t get along, then the relationship can not work.

After the introductions Matt tells Lorenzo that he thinks Shayne is beautiful, amazing and sincere. Lorenzo counters by saying that he thinks that Shayne saw going on The Bachelor as her opportunity to become a star. This upsets Shayne who makes it clear to both men that she is here for Matt and only for Matt.

Afterwards, Lorenzo and Matt go off to have a discussion alone where Lorenzo tells Matt that he does believe Shayne is sincere and that he cannot toy with her feelings. Matt tells him that for some reason their relationship just works and Lorenzo tells him that he hopes it works out for the both of them. Before he leaves Lorenzo tells Shayne that he thinks Matt’s feelings are real and that she should follow her heart.

Then Shayne takes Matt to meet her mom. Matt is “digging” her house decorated in leopard prints and her two dogs, one of which is wearing a pink tutu. They sit down to eat a British meal of roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding, and Matt says he feels like he is back at home again. Later Shayne’s mom takes Matt back to talk to him alone and shows him a home video of Shayne. She asks him how he would handle seeing his girlfriend or wife kissing other men. Matt tells her that each party just has to look out for one another and make the effort. She gives him a hug and states that she feels good about all of it.

Shayne’s sister asks Shayne if she is in love with Matt and Shayne admits that she is falling in love with him but that she cannot say that she is in love with him already. At the end of the evening Shayne walks Matt out where they share a kiss. Matt tells the cameras that he got Shayne wrong and that he has fallen for her big time.

bachelor-chelsea.jpgNext, Matt headed to Durango, CO to meet Chelsea’s family. He is still trying to figure out Chelsea’s feelings for him. Chelsea tells Matt that bringing him home is a big deal for her and that she gets a bit emotional around her family since she does not see them often.

While eating dinner after meeting her family Chelsea’s father asks Matt if he is serious or if he is just playing and enjoying meeting 25 girls. He assures him that he is in this to settle down. Later Chelsea’s father describes Matt as charming and sincere. Chelsea tells her father that she did not want to like him but that now she cannot wait to get to know him.

Matt opens up to Chelsea’s mom telling her that Chelsea is beautiful and smart but that he has not been sure most of the time if Chelsea is genuine. Her mother points out that Matt has to remember that it is not just Chelsea he is dating, and that it can be hard to open up when there are other women involved.

When Chelsea walks Matt out she decides to open up a little more and tells him how much she loves being with him and that she wants him to miss her until they are together again. They kiss and he heads out after telling the cameras that he feels like the two of them could make it together.

bachelor-noelle.jpgMatt heads north to Loveland, CO to meet Noelle’s family. It started off a bit rocky as Matt could not direct the horse he was riding to go where he wanted to go. After a few minutes, Noelle’s father invites him to play horseshoes and Matt admits he is nervous because of how strict Noelle has said that her father is. Then her father point blank asks him why a person would do what he is doing, meaning dating several women on national television. Matt tries to assure him that his intentions are pure.

After dinner, Noelle’s sisters take Matt outside, wanting to find out if he is really into Noelle or not. They ask him if he is falling in love with anyone and he says yes, more than one person, and tells them that one of them is Noelle. Inside the house Noelle’s mother and father are telling her that sometimes you just have to let down your guard and open up.

When Noelle walks him out and they say goodbye, he tells her that it was great meeting her family and that his only regret for the whole evening was not spending enough time together. Noelle hopes that she did not come around and open up too late.

bachelor-amanda.jpgLastly, Matt heads off to Tallahassee, FL where he is going to meet Amanda’s family. Amanda knows what a big prankster Matt is and decides to hire actors to play her parents. When he comes in he is not sure what to make of her near drunk mother who is laughing at everything he says, and her father who is very critical. After a few minutes of group discussion he asks to talk to her father outside alone because he knows that fake dad is not too thrilled with the whole idea. After a little while Amanda sends out fake mom to interrupt the men. Once dad goes inside mom starts hitting on Matt, touching his chest and kissing him on the cheek and neck. Then dad walks back out and wants to know what is going on.

At this point Amanda feels like the joke has gone on long enough and sends her “parents” in so that she can let Matt in on the joke. After telling him that it was a big prank Matt is speechless but later states that it is the best joke that has ever been played on him and that he fell for it. Matt then meets Amanda’s real family but because of time we did not get to see much more than them sitting down to eat before Amanda whisked him away for some alone time. They kiss, and Matt tells her that she is extraordinary.

The next night the women are waiting in the mansion when Matt walks in. There is no party, no final words, just straight into the rose ceremony. Matt hands out the roses, in order, to Shayne, Amanda and Chelsea, leaving Noelle to walk sadly out the door.

Matt walks her out and tells her that they connected but he did not feel like they had the easiest time with it. Noelle tells him that she will take part of the responsibility because she did not open up to him very quickly. He tells her that he does not think the whole scenario of the house, one man and 25 women worked for her and she admits that it didn’t. Once in the car Noelle says that it was all a bit confusing, but that this is not the first time that her lack of willingness to let down her guard has left her alone.

Back in the house Matt tells the three remaining ladies that he is taking them to Barbados. The four of them celebrate getting to this point in the “game” and the rest of us are left to look ahead to next Monday night’s show.

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Photo Courtesy: ABC.com

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