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Big Brother 9: Sharon Evicted!

April 22, 2008 09:05 PM by Ryan Haidet

bb9-sharon-cast-photo-resized2.jpgTonight was Big Brother on adrenaline. The veto competition was held, a player was evicted and the first part of the final Head Of Household competition began.

It was Day 76 in the house, and tonight’s Power Of Veto competition was set to be the most crucial one as only four players remained. Whoever won it would hold a lot of power. For example, if one of the nominees (Sharon or Sheila) would win the power and pulled herself off, they would then get the sole vote to evict.

After the nomination ceremony, Sheila told Adam she was worried about being up against Sharon who had been nominated five times in a row – the most in Big Brother history. But, Adam promised his ex-partner that she would be safe if he was the sole vote.

Then the two were called to the Diary Room to fulfill their half from the recent luxury competition. As the losers, they were forced to be shackled together for a full 24 hours. As Adam changed his pants one time he said, “Look, it’s me in my underwear, Sheila.” She was really irritated, but the whole situation was hilarious. As they were both sitting down and chatting with Ryan, Adam would jerk his arm around, which would then jerk Sheila’s around. It was like watching a 10-year-old brother and sister fight.

After a full day, they were both unshackled and made single yet again just in time for the veto competition. Outside, it was set up to take the houseguests to the horse races. The backyard was separated into four spaces each with five horses attached to a wall. Each horse had a headless jockey sitting on it. The goal was to take the five evicted members who are now on the jury and place their faces on the jockey’s bodies. Then two facts about each player had to be attached. The first to get all the faces and facts placed would win the POV. Without much effort, Ryan won the final POV and held the ultimate power this week as he had won HOH earlier.

After the competition, Sharon was in the bathroom when Adam came up to her and offered her safety and a spot in the final 2. But she didn’t shake his hand and take the deal because she needed time to think about it. Instead, she went up and told Ryan what Adam just did. Moments later, Adam went up to HOH and covered his tracks saying he never offered Sharon any deal – lying to Ryan’s face yet again. Ryan was suspicious of Adam’s trustworthiness now after this proposed deal and his loose lips to Natalie.

The live veto meeting arrived, and Ryan decided to keep his nominations intact and not use the veto. After each nominee pled their case for safety, Adam stood up and cast the sole vote to evict. No surprise that he voted to oust Sharon. In her eviction interview, Sharon told host Julie Chen that she was fine with being evicted and thinks that Adam and Sheila are going to stick together for the remainder of the game.

Then it came time for the first part of the final HOH competition. The final three houseguests — Sheila, Adam and Ryan — got on a watery platform and strapped themselves into a kneeboard. Each player was told they had to keep at least one hand on their strap at all times. Then, the platform tilted up and the river flow increased. Moments later, makeshift rain started falling. The last person hanging on would move on to the final part of the three-part HOH battle.

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