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Dancing with the Stars: Marlee Mambos Home…

April 22, 2008 09:14 PM by Jennifer_Brown

Marlee-Matlin-Courtesy-ABCThe celebs are suited up in their cowboy gear and ready to see another star ride off into the sunset tonight on the Dancing with the Stars results show. After their first week of two dance performances apiece, the stars come into the show in the following order, according to the judges’ scores:

7th place: Marlee & Fabian. “I did better in the rehearsal,” Marlee complains.

5th place (tie): Jason & Edyta. “Have fun and let the rest work out,” Jason advises.

5th place (tie): Shannon & Derek. “I did the hips,” Shannon sobs. “Are you kidding me?!” Derek rants, pointing out illegal heel leads and lifts some of their competitors are getting away with.

4th place: Marissa & Tony. “Carrie Ann gave me a 9!” Marissa cheers.

3rd place: Cristian & Cheryl. “This is how Kristi feels every week. Wow,” Cristian muses.

2nd place: Mario & Karina. “We got a 10. We got a 10,” Mario & Karina chant.

1st place: Kristi & Mark. “The Jive was the most fun I’ve had on the dance floor,” Kristi says.

Before we get to the elimination, there is the small matter of tonight’s major entertainment. Singer Ashlee Simpson takes to the stage and performs her single “Boys.” After Ashlee’s performance, a troupe of Riverdance dancers wow the audience as part of the Macy’s Stars of Dance lineup. And, finally, the judges choose as tonight’s encore performance the group wild west dance. The celebs earn a standing ovation for their performance from audience and judges alike.

Host Samantha Harris catches up with a couple of the celebs backstage–particularly Derek who has smoochy marks all over his face (insert Awww here). Shannon apologizes for their behavior on tape. “We got really heated last night and we want to apologize,” she says. “That’s not really like me,” Derek adds.

Also on the schedule tonight is another round of Ballroom Kids, the 13 & under group. First up are Brandon (13) & Brittany (13), dancing a Cha Cha Cha. “We’re just gonna go out there and give it our all,” Brittany says. Len tells the kids, “You were phenomenal!” Bruno calls their performance “dancing of the highest standard.” And Carrie Ann adds that they were “perfectly stylized.”

Competing against Brandon & Brittany are Austin (12) & Liza (12), with a Samba. “I can’t believe I’m here. I feel like I’m dreaming,” Liza says. Bruno calls them “another two rising stars.” Carrie Ann tells them, “You two just set the stage on fire!” Len says Austin & Liza “came out all guns blazing,” and adds that he has a lot of hope for the future of dancing with these two at the helm.

The judges must choose a kid couple to return for another Dancing with the Stars performance. With a two-to-one vote, they choose Brandon & Brittany.

With all the festivities winding down, it’s time to whittle down the celebs to the bottom two. Shannon & Derek are the first to be declared safe, followed by Marissa & Tony and Cristian & Cheryl. Kristi & Mark are also given safety, followed by Jason & Edyta, leaving the bottom two to be Mario & Karina and Marlee & Fabian.

And the dancer voted off tonight is… Marlee Matlin, with pro partner Fabian Sanchez.

“All I can say is thank you to the judges… I had a great time… Thank you to all the fans!” Marlee signs as she heads out for her final dance.

But first, host Tom Bergeron stops her to tell her, “As a friend, I am so proud of you!”

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Photo Courtesy: Kelsey McNeal/ABC

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2 Responses to “Dancing with the Stars: Marlee Mambos Home…”

  1. Christine Fix Says:
    April 23rd, 2008 at 5:51 am

    Wow… was wondering how this went!! :) Thank-you!!

  2. filipinos Says:
    April 25th, 2008 at 6:49 pm

    We hated to see Marlee go, we were wanting delaburke to go-next week hopefully. So enjoyed kristi’s performance, 30-WOW!!Come on Jason and Mario!!


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