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Hell’s Kitchen Burn, Baby, Burn!

April 22, 2008 08:11 PM by Lisa Stauber

Chef Ramsay on Hell's KitchenHell’s Kitchen picks up right where last week left off. The chefs, after an appalling service, head up to their lair for some R&R. Chef Ramsay finds the PA system and orders them back to kitchen to clean up – even though it’s after midnight. The girls struggle to work together, and Corey sneaks back to bed while the other ladies work.

Morning comes early, and the chefs are quizzed by Ramsay. “Who’s the strongest?” he barks. Corey raises her hand, and so does Jen. The girls all agree that Jen is the best. The boys aren’t so sure, but finally put Ben up to be their fearless leader. Ramsay announces that kids will be dining in Hell’s Kitchen tonight, and the key menu item is pasta.

The challenge? Make the most pasta in 20 minutes – up to Ramsay’s standards, of course. The men are working their pasta machine into the ground, until Craig gets in the way. “What the women lack in physical strength, Jen is making up for in determination,” the narrator says, and she is definitely a ball of energy. Jen’s leadership pays off, and the Red team wins. Their reward? A day of fun at Santa Monica Pier.

The Blue Boys are forced to prep all of the food for both kitchens: noodles, burgers, and onion rings. Chef Ramsay has brought in the Kiddieland staples of balloons, face painting, and, a petting zoo. Leader Ben gets stuck on Poopie Patrol while the other guys prep pasta.

The winner tonight will be the first kitchen to complete a service, not an easy feat in Hell’s Kitchen!

The girls arrive, relaxed but newly worried. They’ve barely gotten a look at the menu, and haven’t memorized it yet. Fortunately, Ramsay isn’t in a pop quiz mood. The Blue team puts weakest link Craig on pasta – it’s hard to screw that up. In honor of family night, a rare, playful Ramsay tries to convince Jean-Philippe to remove his tie. JP merely settles for loosening it, a bit.

Vanessa wants to redeem herself. “A new day, a new service is a new chance,” she says. Ramsay just wants to make sure his customers are safe. “Make sure that chicken is cooked!” he yells at the boys. Why do they always serve everything on the rare side?

The boys, again, aren’t faring well. The onion rings are soggy, but that’s the least of their worries. Matt’s served up some raw chicken wings – to kids – despite Ramsay’s warnings. I don’t know exactly how Chef Ramsay reacted, as it didn’t make it past the censors!

The Red Ladies are moving fast and pushing out orders. They’ve moved onto entrees and they are on a roll. Vanessa heats up some oil to start cooking, when it explodes on the stove covering her hand. The skin is falling off her fingers while several pans go up in flames. Vanessa is whisked away to the hospital, and the Reds are down a member. The new challenge seems to galvanize the ladies, and they pick up the pace. While the Blues are congratulating themselves on having only six orders left, the Reds are banging out their last two tables.

The ladies win by a landslide, and Ramsay sends them into the Blue’s kitchen to help the poor lads out. Craig has, indeed, managed to mess up the pasta by serving it up – say it with me – raw. “Tartare” seems to be the Blue team’s signature dish!

Shayna gets saddled with Craig, who refuses her help, insisting that he’s got it under control. Ramsay repeatedly asks him how much longer, and Craig snaps at Chef Ramsay and skulks off to pout like a baby.

Finally, the service is complete. Ramsay compliments the Red team, and one lady in particular. “Out comes a star – Jen!” he says. “You were the best cook in both kitchens.”

Bobby is chosen as the best of the worst, and after quick chats with Ben and Matt up in the rooms, it’s time to put two of his teammates on the line. Bobby goes with the obvious choice – the universally reviled Craig – and throws Matt up there too. Ramsay’s not satisfied, and forces Ben to come forward as well. It’s a threesome of mediocrity.

The men don’t have much to say for themselves. Finally, Ben tells Ramsay he’ll give 110%. Matt one ups him, claiming he’ll give 125%. Craig’s take on it? “I don’t know percents. Just, over that.” he says. I guess that means 126%? Ramsay doesn’t even hide his eye roll.

Craig, take your jacket off.” He addresses Matt and Ben. “You dodged that bullet tonight, and now I’m chasing you!”

What about Vanessa? She returns with a mummified hand. She can’t move it, and has to consult a plastic surgeon early next week. She’s still in the game though, and couldn’t be prouder of the ladies who won the challenge.

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2 Responses to “Hell’s Kitchen Burn, Baby, Burn!”

  1. Christine Fix Says:
    April 23rd, 2008 at 5:55 am

    Nice recap!! Makes me feel like I watched!

  2. Jackie_78 Says:
    April 23rd, 2008 at 3:34 pm

    I watched this show for the first time lastnight…very interesting!! I used to cook, and have worked in many restaurants…I don’t think I could handle working for that guy though!!
    FYI…I am a poster from one of Chrissi’s other sites…this one is great Chrissi, thanks for the link!


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