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Survivor: Micronesia — Jason Voted Out!

April 24, 2008 08:19 PM by Ryan Haidet

jason-survivor.jpgThis game is starting to get very dirty.

After last week’s shocking blindside of Ozzy, the remaining eight Dabu members returned to camp. James and Amanda, who were not informed about the blindside, were upset about it. James said it was a good move on their part, but Amanda saw more than that – she was sniffing out the start of an all-women’s alliance.

Then in an out-of-place moment, Cirie noticed that James had a cut on his finger and said that he needed to be more worried about it considering the conditions they were living in. That’s all that was said about this – until a quick mention at the end of the episode. This must play a major role in future episodes or they wouldn’t have bothered showing a finger cut.

Parvati realized she needed to do some damage control after she turned against James and Amanda. First, she told James that she wouldn’t have been able to beat Ozzy and he needed to go. Then she told him that her plan was for three women at the end. Uh,James…WAKE UP! She tells you the plan and you just seem to accept it. What is the deal?!?!?! He did deliver his biblical reference as in the China season saying that everybody had been too tempted to “bite the apple.”

Then she needed to talk to Amanda. Parvati told her the plan was to take the final five women to the end. Cirie came down to help talk to the angry Amanda and they all agreed to go to the final three together. But Amanda didn’t buy it because she didn’t know if she could trust them.

Then the contestants gathered for the Survivor auction – a reward-style event that gives everybody the opportunity to get something of comfort. Each player was given $500 and told there was to be no sharing of money or items. First up, Cirie paid $120 for a hot dog, French fries and all of the fixins.

Erik got a huge plate of nachos for $80. But it was a peanut butter and jelly sandwich that really lit up the bidding war. Amanda dished out $280 for that gooey goodness. Natalie splurged buying a covered item for $240 to find out that she had bought boiled bats. She just walked away from them, but James said he would eat them. He had already swallowed some down when the tribes merged, so no big surprise when he walked up to the table and started chowing down.

Natalie bid on another covered item and won it for $240. Host Jeff Probst revealed a bottle that had a note inside. It told her to pick one person to send to Exile Island immediately. She would then get to take all of their money. Jason begged not to be sent, but then Natalie asked if there was another immunity idol hidden since Ozzy’s was now out of play. In fact, there was. She sent Jason anyway and took his cash. “This time maybe you’ll get a real one,” Probst told Jason after he found a fake hidden idol earlier.

Now with a wad of money, Natalie bid $380 on another covered item. It was a big chocolate cake with a note. It said she had to pick three others to help her eat the treat, but they only had 60 seconds to do so. She, Cirie, Alexis and Parvati gorged. Erik then paid Cirie $40 to lick her fingers of all the chocolate. With that, the auction was over.

Back at camp, they talked about Jason possibly finding the new hidden immunity idol and began working out a plan to blindside him just in case he did.

Over at Exile Island, Jason roamed the shores searching for the prize and found it after going on a small scavenger hunt. This time, he had a real idol – not a stick, as Eliza would say.

Day 30 just happened to be Erik’s 22nd birthday, and he didn’t want his present to be a ticket home. But he didn’t have anything to really worry about because the girls had a different scheme up their sleeves. At the immunity challenge, all eight players had to throw rocks at tiles that had a set of puzzle pieces hanging in the air. The first four to break theirs would move on to the next round. Then the remaining players had to dig for a key to unlock their puzzle pieces, assemble them into a wheel, hook it up to a contraption and spin it until they lowered two planks. The first two to do that would move on to the final round. Those planks became steps for a rope bridge. The first player to get across the rope bridges would win immunity.

Before the challenge began, Natalie told Jason that James had to be voted out, so it was crucial to let anybody win but him. She advised him not to ask any questions, but promised that she sent him to Exile Island for a reason. He bought it entirely.

The first round was over extremely fast. Amanda, James, Erik and Jason all broke their tiles first. Then in round two, Erik and James were the first to lower their planks and moved on to the final round. It was a close race, but Erik got the ultimate birthday gift – he won immunity. The first part of the girl’s plan had worked. Jason didn’t win immunity and neither did James.

Back at camp, the black widow brigade (as Parvati described the women’s alliance) was at work just after Jason and Erik left camp to go get food. Immediately, Natalie searched through Jason’s bag and found that he had the new hidden immunity idol. James saw all this and heard what she said about sending him to Exile Island.

Just before Tribal Council, Jason thanked Natalie and vowed to keep his word with her. Jason, quite possibly the most naive player in Survivor history, then told Natalie he found the idol. She took that information as if she didn’t know it and told him they were all voting for James. In a confessional, the breakout star of this episode, Natalie, said that she was finally having fun because she was playing the game very ruthlessly. She couldn’t wait to blindside Jason and said she was ready to floss her teeth with his jugular. Where did she come from? All season long Natalie has said maybe five words and now she’s taking over the show?

At Tribal Council, the jury walked in and Ozzy flipped off those who betrayed him. Probst addressed Ozzy’s ouster saying they not only took out one of the toughest competitors, but the biggest provider. Jason then said his personal social standing had improved since the last vote.

Everybody then cast their ballots and Jason didn’t play his idol because he apparently felt secure with Natalie’s word. After the votes were read, it was close – one for Parvati, three for James and four for Jason. He was blindsided and for the second time in a row, the person voted out had the power of the hidden immunity idol and didn’t use it.

Just before he sent them back to camp, Probst said medical wanted to take a look at James‘ hurt finger. Yep, this is definitely going to play a major role as is apparent by the preview for next week’s episode where medical crews are examining the wound. Also next week is the family challenge and the players are told that another hidden immunity idol is out there.

After getting the boot, Jason Siska said, “I was definitely played today by Natalie and the rest of the girls. They did the same thing in voting out Ozzy. I should’ve been a little more wary of what they were telling me. What they did tonight will definitely come back to haunt them as I’m sitting up there on the jury. I just wish I would’ve been a little smarter and played the hidden immunity idol when I had the chance.”

Hey, at least he didn’t play a stick.

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